Owners of Islamabad Cafe Slammed For Publicly Insulting Manager Over His English [Video]

People are calling to boycott the restaurant after this stint…

Cannoli Cafe Soul

The owners of Cannoli Cafe Soul, Uzma and Thea are being slammed by Netizens over their insensitive remarks towards their manager. In a viral video, the two women can be seen ridiculing their manager over his inability to speak English.

The two women elaborated how their manager, Awais has been working with them for nine years and has taken three English language courses throughout that duration. Then they asked him to introduce himself, which he did. Yet despite him being an able communicator, Uzma and Thea felt his fluency wasn’t up to the bar.


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The video was even posted on the Cannoli Cafe Soul Instagram page but later deleted, perhaps due to the public backlash.

People have called out the behavior as elitist, tone-deaf, and plain prejudicial. Especially given the comment about Awais’ salary and implying that he didn’t do his job right just because he isn’t fluent in a non-native language.



To say Twitter clapped back is an understatement. This led to some pretty grand slams aimed at the owners of the eatery.


Netizens called out how ridiculing someone is not only rude but just plain bullying.



Some Netizens are already planning on avenging a fellow Samaritan. How many people will still go to Cannoli Cafe Soul in F-7 after this stunt?


Speaking of stunts, this condemnable incident is also being dubbed a publicity stunt. Yes, people are calling for a boycott.


Others questioned when will Pakistanis finally grow up and grow into their own cultural identity rather than hold on to remnants of colonization for dear life.


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Are you on board for Cannoli’s boycott? What do you have to say about the incident? Let us know in the comments below.

Written by Ummara Sheraz

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