Captain Marvel Won’t Play in Pakistan and Avengers Endgame Might Not Either

This is utterly disappointing for fans.


For the past one week, fans of superhero movies in Pakistan have been waiting for Captain Marvel to screen in Pakistani cinemas. The much anticipated flick has been playing all over the world ever since its release in March 8, save for Pakistan.

Pakistani cinemas such as Nueplex, Cinepax, Atrium and the rest refused to confirm a date when the superhero movie (which features Carol Danvers as the super-heroine), could be coming out.

And now we’ve finally gotten official word from one of the cinema houses in Pakistan that the movie did not get the green light from Disney’s regional office to play here.


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According to unconfirmed reports, the distributor for Marvel/Disney films in Pakistan, Eveready Pictures, may not have paid its dues to Disney. The last big Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War, did pretty well in Pakistan last year even though the distributor has been reluctant to share official numbers so far.

Others say that Disney may have demanded a higher percentage of the profits owing to Infinity War’s success in Pakistan, and that the local distributors are not happy about it.

Avengers: Endgame is Also Under Threat

Owing to Captain Marvel’s cancellation in Pakistani cinemas, fans are worried about the fate of the most-awaited movie of the year – Avengers: Endgame.


One thing is for sure. If Endgame meets the same issue as Captain Marvel did, Thanos’ infamous snap would pale in comparison to the disappointed legion of superhero fans in Pakistan. We hope the authorities reach an amicable compromise and avoid depriving Pakistani cinema-goers with what seems to be the most important film of 2019.

Written by Samir Yawar

Samir is the Head of Entertainment at ProPakistani. Reach out to him at [email protected]


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  1. First bollywood films have been banned, now distributors are having issues with hollywood studios. Not only End Games but Disny will also release Aladin, Lion King and Frozen 2 this year. And release of these films can compensate bollywood ban. Pakistani film industry after all of the halla balla releases only 10 films per year (most of them on Eids). Than who will invest in Multiplex business in Pakistan?

  2. Captain marvel and avengers are a Marvel film, it has nothing to do with Disney, infact they are rival companies. Kindly get your facts right.

  3. i hope they do sort this out between themselves and release captain marvel in few days because there are thousands of die hard comic book fans in Pakistan including me who are waiting like nothing for Avengers End game i hope nothing bad happens and that everything marvel is released here like before:)

  4. I think the reason that the reason for the distributor not paying disney its dues is because disney demanded much higher wage because of the success of Avengers infinity war in pakistan and because indian films are also banned atm, the cinemas are mostly empty and the cinema industry of pakistan is not making much money. So it has become even harder for the distributor to pay disney its dues. If only they had paid the dues right after the release Infinity war, we wouldn’t be facing such problems

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