CCPO Lahore Apologizes for His Insensitive Remarks on Motorway Rape Incident [Video]

An apology after 5 days.

CCPO Lahore

It’s never too late to admit your fault and apologize for it. CCPO Lahore Umar Sheikh has now officially apologized for his earlier remarks.

As the Lahore motorway rape incident was reported, people were questioning the authorities for their negligence. Additionally, the CCPO’s victim-blaming and shaming approach to resolving the case was terrible.

People all over the country demanded a public apology from him, with calls to remove him from the post.

It seems that he has realized now that his words were demeaning, and apologized for his errors.

In the latest video going viral on social media, CCPO Lahore said he never meant to hurt the sentiments of the survivor or the public. He said,

“I apologized earlier as well because I never meant any ill or to pressurize anyone. If there were any misunderstandings because of me, then I apologize from the bottom of my heart to my sister who became the victim of the assault. And I apologize to all the people whom I have saddened and angered.”


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