CCTV Footage of Robbery at a Mart in Karachi Will Shock You [Video]

A robbery at the ‘Rise In Mart’ in Bufferzone, Karachi left bystanders confused, as three men looted the cash register. As the three men took their positions in the theft from the lookout to the one making demands, civilians in the store were left dumbfounded.

Halaat Updates shared CCTV footage from the store. In the video, we can see that initially bystanders are left shocked as they witness a robbery transpire in front of them.


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Then one of the armed men escorted out all the civilians. It seems they didn’t bother looting the people in the store and had their sights set on the cashier.

There are apparently three men behind the crime, the CCTV footage shows them all donning face masks and hats. All of them were armed. One of the men, remained outside the frame and acted as a look-out until he emerges at the end to flee with his accomplices, cash in hand.

It seems the civilians didn’t bother informing the police as they were escorted amid the robbery. There are no reports of a police complaint regarding the Rise In Mart, in Karachi’s Bufferzone.

Interestingly Karachi’s ranking on the World Crime Index has actually improved. The reason being fewer bank robberies.

According to Gulf News, only one bank heist occurred in the entire year 2020. Even the culprits behind that heist were arrested. Police are being credited with this improvement in city security.

If that is the case how do we explain recurring small crimes like robberies at small marts and drug marts?

Are you satisfied with the current state of security in Karachi? Let us know in the comments below.


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