Celal Al Donates Blood To Pakistani Children Diagnosed With Thalassemia

The Turkish actor continues to win hearts nationwide


Turkish actor Celal Al continues to win the hearts of Pakistanis during his visit. On his recent visit, the Ertugrul star visited the Omair-Sana Foundation (OSF) and Children’s Hospital in Karachi. Celal took part in a noble cause as he donated blood for children diagnosed with thalassemia.

Ertugrul fans are happy to see actors from the show taking time out to visit Pakistan. Stars like Esra Bilgic and Engin Altan Duzyatan have become household names here. Another big star of the name is Celal Al who plays the role of Abdur Rehman Alp in the famed series.


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Turkish Star kind gesture had hearts melting

Celal Al is currently visiting Pakistan as part of a Turkish delegation. The delegation aims to help the country’s film and drama industry. People of Pakistan have been reciprocating their love for the actor as he shares pictures on Instagram during his visit, happy for Pakistan-Turkey brotherhood.

“Turkish blood is being donated for Pakistani children; this will further strengthen the bond between the two nations,” BMT Surgeon and General Secretary OSF Dr. Saqib Ansari said.

Celal Al Meets His Favorite Pakistani Actor

Actor Feroze Khan also took to his Instagram to share a picture with the Ertugrul star. The Khaani star had kind words for the Celal Al, asking his fans to show love to the Turkish star.



“Great to have Celal Al here in Pakistan. I would request my fans to show great amount of love in return for the love the Turkish have for Pakistan and Pakistani brothers and sisters,” Feroze Khan wrote. “Thank you Jalal for the priceless gifts you’ve brought me and love that I can’t thank enough for. Stay strong in one faith.”

The Turkish star had kind words for his fans in Pakistan as he took to social media to share a heartfelt post.



“Your brothers and sisters from Turkey are with you, and along with greeting you with salam, they are also praying for you. Dil Dil Pakistan, Can Can Pakistan, Turkiye Pakistan brotherhood zindabad İnshallah Alhamdulıllah,” Celal Al wrote in the caption.

We hope this Pakistan-Turkey bond remains strong. Which Ertugrul star do you think should visit next? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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