Central Intelligence Agency’s Valentines Day Tweet Has Creeped Out Netizens

Is this a Valentine’s Day coup?

With love in the air on the Valentine’s Day weekend, the Central Intelligence Agency decided to add an aura of mystery to the mix. The United States counter-intelligence body posted a cryptic message for its Twitter followers to decipher.


Twitter tried their hand at cracking the code. Others were just there to troll the CIA.



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The answer was oddly supposed to be romantic but ended up just plain creepy.


Some amateur code-crackers even solved the puzzle.



Not The Valentine’s Day Note People Wanted

Netizens unwrapped how creepy the message really is given the CIA’s actual role as a stalker. This love affair is one sided for a reason.



Bringing up bitter truths didn’t end there.



The Valentine’s Day note had Netizens bringing up grievances towards the agency’s unsolicited advances.




Other expected something less generic, given how the CIA is that admirer you can’t shake off, commonly called stalkers.


Kidnapping is better than meeting a Shakespearean end.



Overall rather then feeling the love, the tweet actually had people at odds. So, that holiday message was a bust.




Hijacked Holiday?

Even US Senator Ilhan Omar denounced the Valentine’s Day coup…. we mean cue note.



That’s not all the counter-intelligence body even shared a edition on its ‘Humans of CIA‘ series on Instagram featuring a series of couples the fell in love as Langley. (So, is this a cover story or what?)


Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be the first holiday the CIA hijacked. They even have a devoted ‘Operation Santa Claus’. Is that enough to avoid the next PR crisis?



This year around Christmas they posted another game. (sure this isn’t a series of diversions?)


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