China: Woman Orders iPhone Pro Max, Gets Apple-Flavored Yogurt In Delivery

The case went viral on social media on Friday, when Liu posted a video reporting the incident.


A delivery man was recently arrested after he admitted to stealing an iPhone Pro Max and replacing it with an apple-flavored yogurt. The incident took place in Anhui Province, China. The suspect, Long, confessed to taking advantage of transporting cargo between Anhui and Shanghai.


iPhone Theft in China

A woman named Liu took to Weibo – a Chinese microblogging website – to share a video. In the clip, she reported that she had purchased an iPhone 12 Pro Max from its official website. However, when she received the parcel 2 days later, it was not what she was expecting.

Instead of finding the 256 GB phone she had purchased online, Liu received a box of apple-flavored yogurt. She filed a complaint with Apply as well as the courier service, Express Mail Service [EMS]. A representative from EMS said:


We have appointed colleagues to specially deal with it.


Apple gave a similar response to this case. And Weibo users had many different theories – some even wondered if she bought the iPhone from a fake website. However, legal expert Zhang Bo said it was quite unlikely.


If it was the Apple staffers mistakenly sending a wrong item, Liu can ask Apple to compensate her and give her a new iPhone.

If it was someone intentionally taking the iPhone away during the delivery, the person responsible would face punishment.


He also warned everyone to always double-check when purchasing valuable items online.


Double check whether it is a legal and formal website before paying, and open the package when the courier is there. Call the police as soon as possible if there’s something wrong.


This incident, which took place in China, spread on the internet like wildfire. The criminal suspect, Long, was arrested from his apartment Anhui on Sunday night.


Via Global Times


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Written by Yusra Rafiq


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