‘Chupke Chupke’ Takes A Turn with Heartbreaks & Romance

Will Fazi develop feelings for Meenu after the horrible breakup?

A lot has happened in Ramazan special Chupke Chupke over the weekend. The grand engagement for which Meenu and Fazi were waiting for ages was finally about to happen but things went South for the both of them. In a brutal turn of events, we found out that Meenu’s to-be husband was already married and had three children.


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Meanwhile, Fazi’s fiance also had multiple breakups in the past so his dreams were shattered too. Despite the disappointment, the episode was a fun ride courtesy of Osman Khalid Butt’s stellar acting.

Will we finally see a love angle in Chupke Chupke?

We’re almost halfway down the Ramazan special play but till now we haven’t seen a hint of romance between the lead actors. It was becoming extremely frustrating to see that the leads actually shared the least number of scenes together.

However, it seems that the story has finally taken a turn for good as we see some glimmer of hope. The last few episodes showed Osman’s character developing some sort of liking for Meenu. He found her quite beautiful on the big day. Although there was no romantic exchange but we do feel that the tables are about to turn.

The chemistry between Haadi and Mishi

While the leads have left us disappointed up till now, the supporting characters of Haadi and Mishi have proved to be quite impressive. Their brewing love story is completely winning us over. We like the fact that Mishi isn’t like the conventional heroines who keep their feelings within themselves. She confessed to Haadi that she liked him and we found her character to be bold and confident.

Let’s hope that Meenu also stops calling Fazi ‘Ustad Jee’ and acts a little mature.


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