Citizens Loot Mustafa Hanif’s Rs. 10 Fruit Stall in Karachi [Video]

Clips of this heartbreaking act of vandalism during the holy month of Ramadan has gone viral.

Citizens in the Jail Chowrangi area of Karachi looted a charitable stall set up by YouTuber Mustafa Hanif, who was selling a kilo of fruits to the poor for only Rs. 10.

What was supposed to be a noble and charitable gesture by vlogger and philanthropist, turned into a complete nightmare as a mob of looters barged into his stall and stole all of the supplies, grabbing as much bags of fruits as they could.

Clips of this heartbreaking act of vandalism during the holy month of Ramadan has gone viral all over social media as people are left in shock.

Vlogger and philanthropist, Mustafa Hanif was left in shock when people rushed into his charitable stall, just to steal small kilo worth of fruit bags.

Mustafa expressed his disappointment over the incident, stating he will continue to help out the poor people during the month of Ramadan.

This isn’t the first time, the YouTuber has sold food to the needy, his non-profit organization has even given out ration bags worth Rs. 8,200 during Ramadan.

With inflation making life incredibly difficult for the common folk, the Mustafa Hanif Trust took the initiative to help out the needy during this Ramadan by selling different types of fruit at an easily affordable price of just Rs. 10 per kilo.

Mustafa Hanif Trust is a non-profit organization that has been working in different welfare programs, which include construction of water wells in areas where there is no water availability, providing healthcare support to the underprivileged families, marriage support programs for less privileged girls, and even support for students in their school fees.

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  1. We have always heard from our elders, “Ye danday ki kaum hai”. You can’t even give charity without arranging security.