Controversial Actress Rakhi Sawant Observes Ramadan for the First Time

Seeking Allah’s Guidance.

In a move that has stunned the Bollywood fraternity, the controversial actress and dancer Rakhi Sawant has announced that she will be observing the holy month of Ramadan for the first time.

This news comes after her claim of embracing Islam earlier this year and her short-lived marriage to Adil Durrani, from whom she is now separated.


Rakhi Sawant’s decision to fast during Ramadan has garnered mixed reactions from her fans and the public alike, with many questioning her sudden religious fervor.

Some have criticized her for using religion as a publicity stunt, while others have applauded her for embracing Islam and observing its practices.

In a recent Instagram post, Rakhi Sawant prayed for guidance and support from Allah, stating that this is her first Ramadan and she is unsure of how to fast. She also mentioned that she will be alone during this holy month and requested Allah to help her.

While many have commended Rakhi for her devotion to Islam, others have criticized her for using religion for personal gain.

Some have even accused her of cultural appropriation, stating that her sudden embrace of Islam is an attempt to stay relevant in the industry.

However, it is important to remember that religion is a personal choice, and it is not for us to judge someone’s intentions or motives.

The decision to observe Ramadan is a deeply personal and spiritual one, and we must respect Rakhi’s right to practice her chosen faith.

While Rakhi Sawant’s decision to fast during Ramadan may be controversial, it is ultimately her choice. We should refrain from making judgments or assumptions and instead, focus on promoting mutual respect and understanding among different faiths and beliefs.

May this holy month bring peace, harmony, and blessings to all.

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