TikToker Ayesha Mano Shows Off Some Moves in New Viral Dance Video

“Paranda Nai Prada Chahida”

Viral sensation, Ayesha Mano is back with another groovy dance routine. The TikTok star, also known as the Mera Dil Yeh Pukarey Aaja girl, ditched her desi persona as she danced to Indian hip-hop stars Badshah and Karun Aujla’s trending track Players.

Ayesha Mano became a “Player”, replacing her shalwar kameez and dupatta ensemble with a chic pink jacket over a white top and funky blue denim.

The young TikToker shared the now-viral video clip on Wednesday with the caption,

Paranda Nai Prada Chahida

It appears Ayesha Mano is unfazed by the recent negative press surrounding her. The young viral sensation is owning her new “good girl gone bad” persona with this latest dance video.

Ayesha Mano had been in the news for all the wrong reasons lately, after a private video of her lewd dance went viral on social media. The young girl claimed that someone is making fake edits of her videos, and warned everyone that she will be taking legal action against the culprits with the help of FIA.

ayesha mano
Ayesha Mano

Ayesha certainly keeps herself up to date with the latest trends as Indian artists Badshah and Karun Aujla’s Players has become a viral hit across all social media platforms since its release. Here is the music video for the song.

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  1. Ya Allah hum sub ko seedhay rastay pay chalnay ki toufiq ata ferma.waisay toufiq bhi mangnay say milti hai poori dunya m apnay Deen ka Mazak bna k rakh dea hai hum nay😞

  2. Ok, I kinda noticed her too short dress but then I realized oh, we are that much westernized. We are not leaving Islam but not leaving western culture as well, eating a mix chat with pathetic taste.

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