Desi Aunty Fails to Recognize Shahid Afridi at The Airport [Video]

We love how the ‘Boom, Boom!’ sportstar handled the situation.

Shahid Afridi

Everyone knows who Shahid Afridi is – the former captain of the Pakistan national cricket team – the man more commonly referred to as Boom Boom. Even if you’re not a cricket fan, everyone has seen the 43-year-old in countless television ads. So, can you imagine someone not recognizing the star, if met in public? Well, a desi aunty at the airport failed to recognize the all-rounder. Her reaction has caught the attention of many on the internet and now the lady has gone viral.

Shahid Afridi made his cricket debut in 1996 and instantly became famous. His good looks and charming personality caught the attention of many, especially of young girls. Later in his career, Boom Boom would become one of the most sought after cricketers to model for commercials.


Shahid Afridi


Of course, given his fame and the fact that he has received the Pride of Performance Award and Sitara-i-Imtiaz, we assumed he is a famous face for our country. But alas, one desi aunty proved the whole country wrong.

Yesterday a video started making rounds on the internet. In the video, the lady can be seen calling Shahid Afridi towards her.


Son, come here! Come here, son!


When the philanthropist turned and walked towards the lady, she blatantly asked him if he was in fact Shahid Afridi, as claimed by others around her.


These girls are saying you’re Shahid Afridi, is that true?




Upon confirmation, she then proceeded to ask the star for a picture. And fans are absolutely in love with how Boom Boom handled the situation. Wouldn’t you feel a little offended if you were a world-famous cricketer and someone failed to recognize you? And then ask you for a picture?

Well, we think this desi aunty is the epitome of a boss-lady for doing what she did! Let’s take a look at the video:



Do you think this lady actually didn’t recognize Shahid Afridi? Or was this just a silly act to get a picture taken? Share your views in the comments section.



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