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Desi Deadpool and Spiderman Are Tearing Up Karachi [Video]

Spiderman is headed to Islamabad afterwards.

desi deadpool in karachi

The city of lights, Karachi has reported numerous sightings of the merc with a motor mouth Deadpool. Its happening all over again.

After DablewTee’s Deadpool proved to be a nuisance in Lahore, the Desi Deadpool is now ready for Karachi.

DablewTee's Deadpool in Karachi
Image Source: DablewTee

After two different teams introduced everyone’s favorite comicbook mercenary back in 2016 and 2018 in Pakistan, we need to know who’s bringing the Rated R Superstar to Karachi. Turns out it’s DablewTee this time.

The Guys Behind Desi Deadpool

Still, people need to get to the bottom of this. Turns out there are actually three people behind the mask (mind blown already) and they’re all from Gujranwala.

The trio Waleed Wakar, Taha Ejaz and Sayam Gul are the people behind Deadpool’s Lahore venture. The same guys behind DablewTee’s Deadpool.

Deadpool in Karachi
Image Source: DablewTee
Desi Deadpool in Karachi
Image Source: DablewTee

It was Waleed’s idea to take sword-wielding hero without a filter, to Karachi. That idea came shortly after Deadpool’s Lahore venture.

“After Lahore, it was pretty obvious that we had to come to Karachi with our ganda bacha (bad boy) Deadpool,”

The anti-hero wanted to see the city just as much as the average Pakistani.

“The city has its own flavor and we wanted him to smell, see, taste and enjoy Karachi in its truest colours.”

Deadpool/Spiderman Conspiracy

These are also the same people behind Spiderman in Pakistan. 

According to Waleed Spiderman would be coming to Karachi too. Great news is that the trio’s “acha bacha (good boy)” Spiderman character will head to the capital afterward. We’ll wait for the video.


This Desi Deadpool is Making Life Miserable for Pakistanis

Why Deadpool isn’t coming to Islamabad, we can’t say (maybe its the weather, the lack of open markets and Frooto boxes).

How Did DablewTee Create Deadpool and Spiderman to Pakistan

The DablewTee trio Waleed, Taha and Sayam used to make funny clips for Vine.  As their technology and equipment got better, they ditched the Vine app for YouTube.

“We started with Vine like many others. People liked our videos, told us to continue with them and that is how it all began,”

Turns out they started out as a duo and became a crowd. The trio has been together for three years now (are we noticing a pattern of threes here?).

“At first, it was me and Taha only but then we were joined by Sayam. It has been nearly three and a half years now.”

All three of the boys plan to pursue a career. Waleed is studying software engineering, Taha is a student of BSCS, and Sayam is enrolled in MCom.

As per their Facebook bio, they make these videos just for laughs and to share them.

“If you have the power of making someone happy, do it. The world needs more of that.”

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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