Despite Her Pro-War Stance, UNICEF Hands Priyanka Chopra A Humanitarian Award

Very disappointing to be honest.

Priyanka Chopra - UNICEF

Just when you think United Nations and its subsidiaries couldn’t care less about Pakistan and India’s simmering conflicts, the UN International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) just handed Priyanka Chopra the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award.

UNICEF USA announced that the UN body was awarding the Bollywood actress, which is deeply problematic. If you remember, earlier this year Mrs. Chopra beat the war drums during the height of the Balakot airstrikes saga.

Priyanka Chopra received the Danny Kaye Humanitarian Award at the UNICEF Snowflake Ball 2019.


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While this makes Priyanka Chopra the first South Asian to win the award, South Asia’s second-largest nation is not appeased.

People also called out her support for Modi and Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP), whose government has abetted ethnic lynching and violence against religious minorities and even women in India.


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That’s not all

Massive outpouring of anger erupted after The Sky is Pink actress shut down a Pakistani beauty blogger Ayesha Malik at BeautyCon 2019. The Pakistani-American’s mic was taken away when she called out PeeCee as being pro-war.

This even led to people petitioning for Priyanka Chopra to be removed from her role as UNICEF goodwill ambassador. A UN spokesperson later said goodwill ambassadors can say what they want in their personal capacity.

Now this move by UNICEF has dug up all that controversy all over again.

Some of her fans made a jibe at Ayesha Malik saying;

“If you have done nothing to actually help, venting and yelling don’t count… some people should have several seats”

This is quite disappointing to be honest. But really, UNICEF needs to know better than to celebrate pro-war individuals.


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