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Trisha Krishnan Teaches Priyanka Chopra How a UNICEF Ambassador Is Supposed to Act

Not everyone agrees with their government.


A certain section of Bollywood celebrities continues to voice their support to the people of Indian occupied Kashmir following India’s government decision to end decades long autonomy given to Kashmir under Article 370.

Trisha Krishnan, a renowned Indian actress, has expressed her concerns regarding the situation of children in the valley. Trisha Krishnan is the UNICEFʼs celebrity advocate and she has been vocal about violation of children rights.


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Trisha Krishnan Speaks Out

Addressing a ceremony in Chennai, India the UNICEFʼs Celebrity advocate termed the recent shut down of schools across Kashmir a form of violence being brought upon innocent Kashmiris.

“Anything that is violation of child rights is violence against children,” the actress said.

Taking a dig at the Indian Government, the South Indian cinema queen said that a number of things can be changed if a child is given his/her rights to get educated.

“I feel lots of things can be stopped and eradicated if a child gets good education,” she added.

Trisha Krishnan became the first South Indian actress to be honored with UNICEFʼs celebrity advocate status.

Before Trisha Krishnan, Bollywood actresses Dia Mirza and Swara Bhaskar had also expressed their concerns over the growing brutalities of Indian forces. Taking to her Twitter Dia Mirza sought the world’s attention towards the Kashmir conflict. Swara Bhaskar on the other hand termed Indian forces’ brutalities in Kashmir devoid of any decency and humanity.


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Written by Arslan Khattak


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  1. The down south actress has not seen the valley schools shutdown & burning of building by terrorist in retaliation of killing in encounter with security forces.Where were the child rights & the purported violence then.Just gor the sake of publicity , actress is justifying her job with UNICEF

  2. Its such disappointing about the people who rightly raise their voices on human concerns but utterly fail to balance their opinions when it comes to the possible govt efforts to stabilize d unstable political scenario in d region. Last 72ys…kashmir has been burning, security forces being targetted by malicious evil sponsored by d neighbour but we hv nvr heard these so called guardians of humanity open their mouth to voice this grave concern. All these pseudo-sensible heroes shud also know that we r a democratic country who has d right to protect its sovereignty nd peace. We cannot allow this violent-drama to continue forever. An enemy is hell bent to torn us apart. We have been paying d painful cost even before abolition of article 370…now that govt has decided to douse this fire once for all.
    If pak call kashmir a struggle nd a freedom movement, we proudly call it a all out war to stop our enemy eho has intruded to our house at watever cost nd we r doing it now to correct wat we shud hv accomplushed 72 odd years back.

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