Did Hamza Ali Abbasi & Shahroz Sabzwari Blast Each Other Over Religion?

Both had some strong opinions.

Actresses being catty towards each other is a stereotype. However, actors do occasionally engage in spats as well. Two well-known names in Pakistani Hamza Ali Abbasi and Shahroz Sabzwari decided to get into it on Twitter.

After calling it quits with the biz, Hamza Ali Abbasi has been sharing his experience and insight from his spiritual journey. Naturally, some agree and some disagree with the Alif actor.

Recently Hamza opened up about how the Quran is supposed to be the source of complete guidance for Muslims. On that note, he called out the concept of ‘murshads‘ (i.e. a man with religious devotees, either due to his lineage or religious knowledge).


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Based on how Pakistan has no shortage of self-professed murshads / pirs who exploit people, some social media users understand where this sentiment is coming from.

However, a Twitter account that allegedly belongs to Shahroz Sabzwari, who has never been one to share his spiritual experiences, had something to say about it.

Shahroz doesn’t have that kind of fanbase, to begin with. The Bisaat-e-Dil actor’s tweet says that all religions have a murshad. Perhaps he means the founder of Islam, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) himself.

Some of Hamza Ali Abbasi’s followers made a similar argument, so the Pyarey Afzal star tweeted about how all humans are flawed and hence not good teachers. He says that it’s better to do our own research and explore religion for ourselves.

It should be mentioned that Hamza wasn’t cryptically replying to Shahroz, because these replies were posted way before Shahroz’s tweets.


Looks like Shahroz got testy and said everyone needs a guide to teach them how to rightly follow the path of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W),

“We all need a Guide And a MURSHAD’S company to keep us on the right path. Jo pyaar karna sikhaye aur RASOOLALLAH SAWW Kay naam par QURBAAN Hona Sikhaye. [who teaches to love and sacrifice ourselves for the Prohpet (S.A.W)] For me Shahroz Sabzwari DEEN is only RASOOLALLAH SAWW”


Hamza says that he was referring to other people these days who claim to be ‘directly divinely guided.


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Shahroz then shared a longer version of the tweet in an Instagram story. About how some people become ‘contractors’ of religion, as though it were a commodity.

Shahroz Sabzwari - Hamza Ali Abbasi

Looks like a back and forth between the Hamza Ali Abbasi and Shahroz Sabzwari. What do you think?



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