Did Netizens Really Spot A French Flag at Aurat March?

Amid viral posters and social media backlash, there was another controversy.

Aurat March became the highlight of this week, as crowds of hundreds took to the roads to commemorate International Women’s Day. Amid viral posters and social media backlash, there was another controversy – Netizens are curious (read: outraged) over spotting what appears to be a French flag at the March.

With this came questions as to why a French flag was waved at a Pakistani women’s march? Of course there were conspiracy theories suggesting explanations from blasphemy to the promotion of homosexuality.


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There were objections as to why there was any mention of France, given their magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’ and it’s history of blasphemous cartoons.


The theory that the French flag might as well have been the rainbow pride banner is going strong as #homosexuality trends on social media. Denmark is actually the first country in the world to legally recognize and legalized same-sex unions.


Then there were Netizens that were just there to troll.



All conspiracies aside, the flag is not even a French flag. As one Twitter user explained, the colors are not right. A French flag places blue with the flag pole followed by white and red, not the opposite.




So if that wasn’t French flag at Aurat March, what was that? The flag is actually for an independent movement, the Women Democratic Front.


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Not to mention the French flag is not like waving a Confederate flag.


There you go folks, mystery solved. So about those conspiracy theories regarding a ‘French flag at Aurat March’, what do you have to say? Let us know what you think in the comments below



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