Did Sarah Khan Tease Naamuraad’s Next Move in ‘Raqs-e-Bismil’? [Video]

Did you peg him as a bad guy?

As though Raqs-e-Bismil wasn’t at a pivotal point in the story already, Sarah Khan teased our next look at ‘Naamuraad‘. The character seems to be acting out of character with his animosity towards Zohra.


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The character of Murad Ali AKA ‘Naamuraad’ is played by famed artist Saleen Meraj. The actor is known for making waves playing an antagonist on more than one occasion. Will he be pegged as the bad guy again?

Based on the playful sparring between Naamurad and Zohra, that might just be the case. Zohra, played by Sarah Khan, is already wary of men given the environment she grew up in. Will Naamuraad tarnish the goodwill surrounding men that Moosa established.


‘Naamuraad’ in Raqs-e-Bismil

Till now we’ve seen Naamuraad help Moosa in exchange for money and warning him. Then why the change of heart? What does Raqs-e-Bismil have planned for this character?

Meanwhile, we see Zohra’s wall coming down as Moosa displays his vulnerability. The chemistry between Imran Ashraf’s Moosa and Zohra has fans rooting for the two.

Raqs-e-Bismil tied off the last episode with Moosa’s marriage proposition. Will we see Zohra turn down Moosa’s grand romantic gesture. Will we all be left heartbroken. Or will she yes? Is that why Naamuraad comes after her?


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