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Did The Citizen’s Archive of Pakistan Fire Its Workers?

Here’s what happened.

The Citizens Archive of Pakistan

Even before we start to really feel the heat of the Coronavirus on the economy, certain companies are going ahead with downsizing and layoffs. Word is that the NGO ‘The Citizens Archive of Pakistan‘ is among the list of organizations who fired people.

Despite the fact that the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan directed companies not to fire any employees amid the lockdown, some didn’t pay any mind to authority.

Initially, there was news that clothing brands Generation and Limelight had fired employees over having to close down amid the lockdown. Later Generation brushed off the allegations.


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Generation directly responded to criticism from activist Zoya Rehman. However, the brand did not clarify if the workers had been given paid leave or not.

Another case

Meanwhile activist of the left-wing Haqooq-e-Khalq Movement (HKM) Ammar Ali Jan is working with citizens’ inspection teams bringing up other cases of workers’ rights violations by firing employees due to the COVID-19 lockdown.

Now similar allegations have surfaced against Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy’s Not-for-Profit organization ‘The Citizens Archive of Pakistan‘. Are these allegations true or is this another baseless rumor?

According to the Twitter thread of the organization’s employee, the Citizens Archive of Pakistan fired employees with no notice or monetary compensation. The now-former employee pointed out how this was also a violation of their service contracts with the organization.

It was also pointed out that since many employees work remotely work and funding were not affected by the COVID-19 lockdown.

Following this, netizens reached out to their collaborators.


Whether this move was motivated by the predicted economic recession due to the outbreak was questioned.

Twitter heavily criticized the body and called out their privilege.


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The need to protect workers white-collar or wage workers was emphasized. Even filmmaker Jami Azad pointed out how this would be criminal in Sindh with the legal action taken amid the Coronavirus lockdown. Punjab should take notes.

People even brought up how this incident will affect the organization’s reputation even after the pandemic.

CAP Responds

Following the allegations, CAP has answered allegations of not paying its employees as per the law.

The organization relies on the support of donors during the best of times, and it says that the current economic climate has made things difficult than before to maintain their payroll.

You can read their detailed response below.

As unfortunate as this seems, this is but a precursor to the tough and uncertain times we are currently undergoing right now.

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