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Prime Minister Imran Khan Responds to Maria B’s Allegations [Video]

Here’s what he said.

Imran Khan on Maria B

Last week, we saw the whole drama behind Maria B and her husband crying foul of getting mistreatment. According to Maria, elites should be treated with respect and consideration. Even though they should be responsible for their actions, Maria said that the government was the one to blame for taking her husband away.

How should we put it though, typical victim mentality?

After ‘deliberately’ sending off their cook to his village when he tested positive for coronavirus, Maria B and her husband came out with two viral videos.

To sum it all up, what happened was that Maria B’s cook tested positive for COVID-19 virus a few days ago. The husband and wife duo sent him to his village, instead of keeping him in self-isolation. This of course is a life-threatening situation, as the carrier could infect a whole village of hundreds of people.

On the charges of concealment, her husband Tahir Saeed was arrested and that’s when the whole drama began.

First, Maria B shared a video on social media, requesting the Prime Minister to look into the matter.

And then, after the release of Tahir Saeed, she made another video with her husband. The two thanked the government for listening to their plea and at the same time criticized them for their negligence.


Maria B & Her Husband Become the Funniest Meme on the Internet

Imran Khan’s Response to This Fiasco

But it turns out that the government didn’t even know what the fuss was all about. In a recent media interaction, a journalist asked Prime Minister Khan to share his views on the whole bizarre case.

‘Why Tahir Saeed was released even though he sent his employee via public transport?’

To his dismay, Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he neither had any idea about the case nor had anyone reached out to him about the matter.

Speaking about the public reaction, Imran Khan further added that the people of Pakistan will gradually understand the situation.

“This is a new thing in Pakistan. People have no idea how to deal with corona because it’s not widespread in Pakistan yet. In Italy, people know about the precautions because they’re seeing their people die every day. Here there have been eight deaths in two weeks so people aren’t serious enough yet. Although, you’re right about the negligence. It is our job and I will keep trying to inform people about this.”


Is Hamza Ali Abbasi Right in Defending Maria B and Her Husband?

Written by Munazza Mehmood

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  1. The rich and elite have now experienced what most poor people encounter with the police daily. I am uk resident however I have seen first hand how police take bribery pre-imran khans party. Also for Mrs B to use the word servants shows she obviously lives in the class system. She could at least be respectful and use housekeepers when refererring to her employees.

  2. Yes, certainly when she is considered about her own respect and exactly reflecting the meaning of respect by her acts n her conversation.

  3. Maria b seems a character from a comic book.
    They seem full of themselves and try to be victims.
    I would like some feedback from her servants. I have stayed in Pakistan pass 6 months and .met people from all backgrounds. But this couple seem to be from a different planet.

  4. It is awful that Maria b and her husband are not at all ashamed of their irresponsible behaviour
    By the way how much this rich elite demanding special considerations have donated for coronation virus fund so far

  5. When this educated couple have done a huge blunder even when they knew the consequences of spread of the disease , then what can we expect from the illiterates… or rather we should verify this couple’s educational degrees …. I am doubtful about them being educated….

  6. Educated? Hardly, judging by the way she spoke English. Just a pompous half educated woman who should have known better than to send her” servant ” off to fend for himself.
    Stop promoting her business. She should be prosecuted for complicity in spreading a deadly disease.

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