Nazia Hassan’s Niece Looks Exactly Like Her [Pictures]

An uncanny resemblance!

Nazia Hassan niece

Nazia Hassan is a legend of the Pakistani music industry. She won the hearts of many at the young age of 15 with her hit song Ap Jesa Koi. And people still remember her 30 years on, because someone like her doesn’t come along every day.



Hit songs like Disco Dewany and Boom Boom earned her a lot of fame not just in Pakistan, but worldwide. So much so, that she was titled the Queen of Pop in southeast Asia.



It’s been 20 years since her family, loved ones and fans lost her to a battle with cancer.

Nazia used to perform alongside her brother Zoheb Hassan, since a very young age. There’s no doubt that she was cherished by many in her time. Married to Mirza Ishtiaq Baig in 1995, the Pakistani singer, songwriter left the world in just 5 years after her marriage.



Recently, people started to see someone online who appears to be every bit Nazia Hassan’s doppelganger. And guess what? This is her own niece, Aymen Saleem, who has just started getting famous on the internet.

The resemblance between the two is uncanny, and everyone is wondering if Aymen also sounds as good as her aunt.



Aymen Saleem received her education from Wharton in 2017 and she currently lives in Karachi, Pakistan.


We think the two of them look pretty similar. Let’s take a look at some more of Aymen’s pictures.



Do you think she looks like her aunt and famous pop singer Nazia Hassan? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. Aymen is not Zoheb’s daughter and not even of Zara! Quite strange how come she claims to be niece of the legend?

  2. Not at all.Nazia had her own class.Appearencewise also the most prominent feature of Nazia Hassan was her eyes which are so different from this girl… pretty but in noway looks like Nazia Hassan

  3. Great! Aymen Saleem is resembling to her late aunt Nazia Hasan! Now she must follow her aunt & come to fill her vacuum soon!

  4. no, not at all.
    نازیہ حسن معصومیت اور خوبصورتی کا شاہکار تھی اور یہ لڑکی اپنے جسم کی نمائش کر کے دوسروں کو متوجہ کر رہی ہے. نازیہ حسن میں قدرتی خوبصورتی تھی

  5. Exectly she is beautifull but not look alike nazia hassan. Nazia hassan beauty was so innocent with prominent features

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