Did You Know Who Really Designed Saqib Nisar’s Daughter-in-Law Wedding Dress?

The truth is out there, if we look for it.

Former Chief Justice Nisar Saqib’s son just tied the knot, and people have a lot of thoughts about it. To add fuel to the fire, some elements claimed that his daughter-in-law’s wedding dress was designed by an Indian designer, and that too for a very hefty price.

So, is it true? We did some digging of our own to see whether or not those rumors are true. Read on.

Who is the Designer behind this wedding dress?

The designer who crafted Rida’s (daughter-in-law) beautiful wedding dress was none other than renowned Pakistani national Dr. Ahmad Haroon. So who is this guy?

He is the dream designer for many Pakistani brides-to-be, and for good reason. His creations have kept the traditional opulence of these dresses alive, and he’s pretty good at what he does!


Ex-CJP Saqib Nisar’s Son Najam Saqib Gets Married! [Pictures]

Dr Haroon Ahmed

The designer graduated from DOW Medical College in 1989, but after seven years he realized he wanted to design. Being an artist since his childhood, his art and creativity are reflected in his work.




Also, what bride would not want a designer who focuses on mirroring her personality in her dress? Leave it to this good fashion doctor to do the rest!

It is safe to say that all the rumors that Rida wore an ‘Indian Dress’ worth Rs 1.5 crores are simply NOT true.

Lets do some good ol-fashioned research work

We tend to hate anyone and everyone if we want to, because that’s human nature 101. But its also a great idea to always double-check your facts. The reality is not always what’s spread around to invoke anger in people.

Here we have pictures from Dr Haroon’s official Instagram account. The rest, we will leave it to our readers to decide.





In conclusion, CJP Saqib Nisar’s daughter-in-law did not wear a wedding dress designed by an Indian, as reported by certain media outlets yesterday.

Written by Yusra Rafiq


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  1. Saqib Nisar called himself as BABA REHMAT.
    BUT BABA is simple down to earth.
    Problem with our elites “they dont practice what they preach.
    He also committed that after retirement he will live by the dam site instead probably went to Australia?

  2. Baba ji should have done a simple nikah in a mosque after which right then and there he should have written a cheque for the Dam fund and announced that all the “damn” show off expenses of his son’s shadi are being offered to this country because it’s a dervish ka beta not a rajkumar getting married &that’s what I have been preaching during my tenure instead of doing my job.BUT na ji…baba ji was/is shohda..hence proved.!!!

  3. Unfortunately, we the Pakistani are hypocrite by default. U preach when in power and later do opposite. Or u do whatever you are asked to do and later write SHAHABNAMA to show that u r a nice man. The question is that u should have stopped the malpractices while in power but our ruling class has no rules for them.

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