Ex-CJP Saqib Nisar’s Son Najam Saqib Gets Married! [Pictures]

Check out the pictures from the event

Saqib Nisar's son Najam Saqib

Former Chief Justice of Pakistan, Saqib Nisar was a happy man this weekend. His son just got hitched and it was grand. Judging from the festivities, Najam Saqib’s wedding was truly an event.

Justice (R) Saqib Nisar’s son Najam just got married in a lavish wedding. Unlike his low maintenance father, Najam Saqib went all out with the wedding from the venue to the festivities.

Saqib Nisar's son Najam Saqib


While the wedding venue looks pretty standard, the bride and groom’s individual photoshoot is set in a pristine white medieval castle-esque building.


DSP Throws Lavish Wedding for Son, AIG Serves Notice About Money For the Event

Saqib Nisar's son Najam Saqib


Meanwhile, the wedding was as festive as you’d expect a desi wedding to be. Prominent members of the courts were also in attendance. It was reported that 11 Judges including Cheif Justice Gulzar attended Najam Saqib’s wedding


Saqib Nisar's son Najam Saqib


The bride, Rida wore traditional red, while Najam Saqib let his better half steal the spotlight opting for a beige sherwani. He kept the look traditional with his headpiece. Fit perfectly with the castle-esque setting.

Najam Saqib's wife Rida

Saqib Nisar's son Najam Saqib

Najam Saqib's wife Rida

About Saqib Nisar

Justice (R) Saqib Nisar served as Chief Justice of Pakistan between December 31st, 2016 to January 17th, 2019. Before being appointed as thr CJP, he was employed as Federal Secretary for Law.

Due to his judicial activism, Saqib Nisar is listed as one of the most famous chief justices of Pakistan. He is remembered for his sudden visits to hospitals and public offices to review performances. He would take strict actions against public servants for not working properly.

He has a record of taking the most suo moto notices as the CJP.


Even Akon is Asking People to Donate for Diamer-Bhasha Dam

When the issue of water deficiency was highlighted in Pakistan, the former chief justice started a fundraiser to build Diamer and Bhasha Dam.

He even made foreign visits to collect money from overseas Pakistanis. He had collected approximately 9.29 billion Pakistan rupees.

Following his retirement, the public expected the ex-CJP to remain involved in the social sphere and start working on his promises.

People are still waiting and hope they won’t have to wait much longer.


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  1. Continuation of bad tradition. Does not suit in this case. How the system will be strengthen to good as per Islamic tradition. Very sad Very sad.

  2. Allah Taahla knows the best,but no hopes from a justice system,which does not have any strength at all to provide the real justice as per our belief.saqib nisar or others did nothing for that,we are a very unfortunate nation

  3. It seems that this horrid of a man, Saquib Nisar, by throwing such a lavish marriage party have have used the dam funds. Where is the dam fund Mr. Nisar. Perpetual and habitual liar.

    • Quite shameful display of easy money. This son of Nisar seems to have got inspiration from Arsalan Iftikhar.

  4. i feel it would be better that pti govt may take serious step to clarify where the dam money, who is looking after this whole project.

    • Damn the DAM. If you ever happen to lay hands on a very old book – ” Three faces of Eve”,
      One would understand what the story’s about as the title is self explanatory. But it is not only Eve, the whole setup is involved.
      ہاتھی کے دانت، کھانے کے اور، دکھانے کے اور
      So the whole community is involved in double facet gaming. Nobody practices what they preach; and to be sure if someone like myself is stupid enough to actually practice according to their preachings they would be mocked at. How we eulogized the CJP for his sermons and bhashas during the good, old, golden days when he would thunder from hither to thither, setting wrongs to rights, giving directions for doing what was required, not how it was being done. Then to crown his glory came the bhasha dam and you know the sentiments of the whole nation and the CJP played his role. Within those days an old acquaintance of his gave such nerve wrecking account of his brutality that had affected the complainant. But, anyways, the law and justice community on the whole has given great disappointment.

  5. Dam fund should be brought in knowledge of nation and audited for clarity.No one is clear about it till now.As far the marriage is concerned that was a private show by Mr Nisar family.Meanwhile Justice system of Pakistan cannot be trusted at all,@$$$$$€€€€€£¥₩₩$$$$$$

  6. He’s proven himself one of those corrupts and untouchables. He always tried to promote himself in public. That was self projection nothing more than that. He indeed is a liar and hypocrite and the worst is how he further damaged the trust of oppressed nation. Let’s pray may Allah perish such hypocrites.

  7. A very sad vulgar display of wealth coming from a person always lecturing on honesty and simplicity.
    Mr.Saqib Nisar as well as the PTI Gov has to answer questions.

    • What about pm Imran, the co-conspirator in collecting money from the general public. Should he be not responsible for the audit of the money collect.
      Without accountability audits both are guilty of fleeing the well wishering public who continue to suffer from corruption by such fraudsters.

  8. Few days back, I went around Shadi Halls and Marquees in Lahore for booking. At every place was told that only only one dish of rice and one dish of quorma ( mutton or chicken) with only one Salad and one sweet can be served. Also timings are to be from 07 to 10pm (strictly). As reported, many many dishes with no restriction of timings was allowed by the organizers in case of wedding of Saqib Nisar’s son .The dresses and other arrangements clearly speaks of the expenses incurred.
    My question to Prime Minister of Pakistan, Chief Minister of Punjab, Chairman NAB, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, COAS is if they have any authority and resposibilitythe power and authority to probe into the money trail of funds spent by an Ex CJP and a serving judge of a High Court.

    Would someone ask the district magistrate as to where was he when menu of many many dishes was being served and the function was being prolonged when for people like me, the lights are put off at 10 pm. I hope detail of this inquiry will be made public .

    I think CJP ,himself a witness ,will take a suo motto notice. I also expect that Chairman NAB will order an inquiry and announce the same in a Press Conference.

    I hope people of Pakistan will demand enforcement of law by taking Saqib Nisar and his son(the groom) in custody by the Law Enforcement Agencies.

  9. I alway thought he was a honest gentleman. After seeing the lavish wedding reception i changed my mind he is also a dishonest and corrupt person.

  10. His record is a proof that he simply love self projection through media. During his tenure as CJP he tried his best to grab attention by making surprise visits mainly to hospitals and insulting others. He did nothing concrete for improvement in flawed judicial system.
    Extravagant marriage of his son is an indicator that how fake his personality is.

  11. Come on Guys…..Do’t be jelous….everyone has right to arrange their event by own ways. Whats wrong if Son of Saqib Nisar did it. Pray for the happy and joyfull life of this beautifull couple. Be happy and enjoy your own life. ?

  12. Asking public to donate for dam and spending a hefty amount on son’s wedding; what a contradiction. During his tenure he proved himself a biased judge.

  13. None of us has any proof that the Dam Fund was used by the former CJ on the wedding of his son. We hasten to level allegations without proof and that defines our character as a nation. Building dams is not the job of CJs yet he initiated something that the current and former rulers both civil and military should have done. Did he keep the collected funds in his personal bank account or at his home? We should be asking this question now from the sitting rulers that what they did with the initiative which in fact they should have taken. As for the lavish expenditure on wedding I too wish it could have been done modestly. But if the son spent his own money can we blame the father? His son would have done a great favour to his father had he kept the ceremony modest. Should the father avoided to attend the wedding because it was going lavish? Would you do it if it was your son?

    • It is not about damn fund or proof. It is about doing such ceremony by a govt employee. How could a govt employee afford this? See the condition. Can you calculate the expenses of such luxury? They send their children to foreign countries for higher education, they live a lavish life, they marriage with luxury, how ? Inveterate businessmen usually do this. Govt employee keeps justifying bribes in their whole life by claiming to have low salaries. Then how this luxury is possible?

  14. I need my money back Mr. Rehmata. With the salary u were drawing as CJ, u could not arrange any such lavish wedding.


  15. This gentleman called himself Baba Rehmata. No sir you proved yourself Zehmata to this nation.
    کاش آپ نے جو کڑوڑ ہا روپے اپنے بیٹے کی شادی پر لٹائے وہ ڈیم فنڈ میں دے دئے ہوتے

  16. Bhai logo wo apny bety ki shadi mein hai dubai k kesi hotel mein
    rang-ralian to nahe mana raha ajeeb topic ko cher k beth gay ho; Dam fund sy shadi ki hai kya os ny apny bety ki
    Ajeeb ghatia soch hai.

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