Differently-Abled Girl Raped, Filmed and Blackmailed in Lodhran

Trigger Warning. Viewer discretion is advised.

Sexual violence against women and children continues to run rampant in Pakistan. Now reports of a differently-abled girl being raped, filmed, and blackmailed have emerged.

A handicapped teen was allegedly raped several times by five suspects over the past three months in the rural area of Mouza Kundi, Lodhran. Express Tribune reports that the 16-year-old victim was filmed, and blackmailed. The victim is differently-abled, deaf, and mute victim since birth.

The alleged rapists filmed their crime and blackmailed her father into giving them money. Her father works as a security guard at a private company. A case had been registered against five persons at the City police station on the complaint of the victim’s father.


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Initially, the father remained silent out of fear. However, after his daughter was filmed and blackmailed, he approached the police.

The alleged rapists threatened that if they weren’t paid they would leak the video and ‘cause irreparable damage to the family’s honour.’


Police Takes Action

District Police Officer (DPO), Syed Karar Hussain took notice of the issue after a video of the heinous crime went viral on certain social media platforms.

In the viral video, suspects Masmi Mohammad Ijaz and Mohammad Shaan could be seen sexually assaulting the victim while three unknown suspects kept guard while filming the incident

The DPO arrested two alleged rapists and a case had been registered against them. Lodhran City police launch further investigation into the matter.

Lodhran Station House Officer (SHO), Raees Ali said the suspects identified as Hassan and Ijaz, are from the area of Kundi.

The 16-year-old victim and her father are residents of the suburban village Kundi. Her father revealed that she came home in a deteriorated condition after she was raped and told her parents about the assault.


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She revealed through sign language that five men sexually assaulted her repeatedly over the past three months.

In the initial medical report, the differently-abled girl was raped. Samples have been sent to Lahore for further DNA tests.

The victim’s father revealed that he got married 30 years ago, and has five children with his wife. His eldest daughter, the rape victim, and his 5-year-old son are deaf and mute.



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