Drama ‘Raqeeb Se’ Proves That Women Do Not Always Hate Each Other

Drama serial Raqeeb Se is setting a new precedence by showing that women can support and appreciate each other

Raqeeb Se is one drama that is proving to be path-breaking. Penned by Bee Gul, the serial highlights pertinent and controversial issues. It challenges conventional mindsets that make women stand against each other.

The conversations between the characters of Hadiqa Kiani and Sania Saeed really hit you hard. They make you realize that women have always been pitted against each other without any reason. In reality, they could turn out to be each other’s biggest support system. It’s not necessary that every woman must hate her counterpart.


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On the contrary, women can be each other’s biggest support system and there is nothing wrong with it. Raqeeb se is making a strong impact on the audiences in more than one way. From the formation of female allies to challenging the concept of love, this compelling story is surely striking the right chords.

Accepting harsh realities

Most of our dramas run on the same concept, two women loving the same man and trying their best to demean and pull down each other. In Bee Gul’s universe, the reality is a bit different. Here these women aren’t foes but friends who like to have candid conversations with each other.

In one of the scenes, Sania Saeed asks Haqdia Kiani about her husband’s extramarital affairs and whether she has ever hated the woman who was involved with Hadiqa’s husband? Hadiqa’s response was an eye-opener for many.

“I never hated her, I liked her. I liked the fact that she used to dress up and smile all the time. I wanted to befriend her.” To this Sania Saeed replied, ” I like you too, for your simplicity.”

Now it’s important to remember here that Hadiqa Kiani is Sania Saeed’s husband’s love interest. Yet for her character to say such statements is monumental!

Many would say that Sania’s character is irrational but in reality, she is not. It is completely normal for a woman to understand the pain and anguish of another woman.

Redefining the concept of love

Raqeeb Se is challenging norms in many different ways especially when it comes to the concept of love. The drama shows us that love might not always lead to possessiveness, Sania’s character is proof of this.

Moreover, love is an emotion that can be experienced by anyone at any time, there is no right or wrong age and there is no right or wrong way. It just happens! It might be uncomfortable to accept this reality but then isn’t Bee Gul a master in making us all uncomfortable with her astounding storytelling!

Written by Ayesha Aqeel


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