Drinking Dog: Labrador Receives Help for Alcohol Addiction

Meet the world’s first drunk canine.

A vet in Plymouth, United Kingdom (UK) saved the life of a dog that had become addicted to alcohol due to its owner’s carelessness of leaving his drinks outside at night.

Meet Coco, a chocolate brown Labrador retriever who has gone viral on social media by becoming the world’s first drunk dog.

The staff at the Woodside Animal Welfare Trust, a vet in Plymouth, had seen some strange cases over the years, but nothing quite like Coco the alcoholic Labrador retriever. It was a sobering experience, to say the least.

Devon, a staff member of the vet, found Coco and another dog after their owner had passed away. When Coco arrived at the shelter, the staff noticed that he was behaving oddly, stumbling around and slurring his barks.

At first, they thought he might have been hit by a car or had eaten something poisonous, but a quick blood test revealed the truth: Coco was an alcoholic.


It turned out that Coco’s late owner had been a bit of a party animal, leaving bottles of booze lying around in the yard overnight. Coco and the other dog had taken to drinking the leftover alcohol and had become addicted over time.

The dog was suffering from canine alcohol addiction, which was so severe that the other dog passed away during the withdrawal period. The staff had to keep Coco sedated for four weeks.

Fortunately, Coco is now on the mend and is expected to make a full recovery. However, the vets are warning pet owners everywhere to be mindful of their pets’ habits and to keep their alcohol well out of reach.

After all, you never know when your furry friend might develop a taste for something stronger than water.


  1. Haha!

    A good story, and a rewarding click-bait, I guess.

    In Pattaya, Thailand, drunken dogs are routinely used as means of attracting, and cheat tourists.

    “If it’s sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”💋