Dua Lipa Channels Her Inner Geisha in Tokyo

The ‘Houdini’ songstress continues her fan tour around the world.

Global sensation Dua Lipa continues her fan tour around the world for her latest single “Houdini,” the talented singer took a detour to Tokyo, where she embraced and celebrated the local culture in true Geisha style.

Sharing her Tokyo adventures with fans on Instagram, Dua Lipa posted breathtaking pictures capturing her experience. The singer kicked off her visit with a traditional tea ceremony, a moment she described in her caption. She wrote,

Kicked off my Tokyo trip with the sweetest invitation to a traditional tea ceremony 🍵🍥🌸🫘so happy to be hereeeeee!!!

In the snapshots, Dua Lipa radiates elegance in a white kimono adorned with a vibrant red floral design, a nod to the traditional attire worn by Geishas.

Her attention to detail is evident, from the cute flowers delicately tied into her hair to the red wagasa, a traditional Japanese umbrella, completing the classic look.

The singer immersed herself in the cultural experience, showcasing images of her expertly preparing matcha tea using traditional Japanese tools and techniques in a bowl. The pictures capture a fusion of modern pop culture and timeless Japanese traditions.

Dua Lipa’s Tokyo visit follows a series of lively shows in Los Angeles and London, where she undoubtedly left audiences captivated with her electrifying performances.

The international star continues to ride the wave of success with her latest single “Houdini,” which has garnered an impressive 14 million all-format airplay audience impressions in its first four full days.

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