Eat a Big Mac Before Nikkah: McDonald’s Cringey Marketing Stunt Has Everyone in Fits

“They must fire the marketing person who propose such pathetic advertisements.”

Fast food chain, McDonald’s Pakistan launched a new marketing gimmick for their ‘Raise Your Arches’ campaign on social media yesterday. The gimmick backfired immediately as netizen trolled the fast food giants and asked for the “genius” behind this nonsensical advert to be fired.

Who fancies a Big Mac before their Nikkah? The answer is no one! Unfortunately, no one told that to the “creative” executives behind McDonald’s Pakistan cringey new marketing campaign.


With the wedding season in full swing, McDonald’s tried to lure customers by suggesting that the solution to everyone’s Shaadi problems is an overpriced burger with a few fries. The advert featured a series of wedding related problems such as people getting nervous about their nikkah or forgetting to pick up their wedding dress with overly expressive eyes peeking to the side.

The caption read,

The Shaadi Stress is never-ending. 👀 Raise your arches and Fancy a McDonald’s to relax through the wedding frenzies. 😉

Netizens hilariously trolled the fast food giants for their poorly thought-out marketing gimmick. People questioned, “What is the relationship of shaadi season and McDonald’s eye raising”.


Another wrote,

Ridiculous! Absolute nonsense ! They must fire the marketing person who propose such pathetic advertisements

One user was definitely not a fan of McDonald’s stating that their food “doesn’t even cut it as half decent comfort food”.

Here are a few more hilarious reactions to McDonald’s cringey new marketing stunt.


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