Kangana Ranaut Criticizes Shah Rukh Khan’s Film ‘Pathaan’ for its Pro-Pakistani Narrative

The controversial Bollywood actress is back with another mind-numbing rant on Twitter

Bollywood actress and Hindu extremist, Kangana Ranaut is not happy with the success of Shah Rukh Khan’s new film Pathaan for portraying “the enemy” Pakistan in a good light. SRK’s latest film was declared a box office success, which did not sit well with the controversial Indian actress.

Just after getting unbanned from Twitter, Kangana Ranaut went on another mind-numbing rant on the popular micro-blogging platform on Friday.

kangana ranaut
Kangana Ranaut

She tweeted that people “claiming Pathaan is triumph of love over hate,” is only because of “India’s love and inclusiveness”. Kangana went on to add that the film Pathan shows “Pakistan and ISIS in a good light”.

Fortunately, someone reminded the misguided actress that ISIS and ISI are two entirely different things, which she then corrected in the next tweet.

kangana ranaut

Kangana Ranaut further explained her twisted narrative to the success for the resounding success of Pathaan by stating that “It is the love of India that has triumphed hate and petty politics of enemies. But for all those who have high hopes, please note that Pathaan will only be a film, as the country will still roar with Jai Shri Ram,” she wrote.

Twitterati trolled the Indian actress, asking her politely to keep quiet. One tweep hilariously pointed out that Pathan‘s Day 1 box office earning is more than Kangana’s life time earning.

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