EID Watch: Nida Yasir, Yasir Nawaz and Shaista Lodhi to Appear in Telefilm ‘Uff Ye Biwiyan’

The trio is returning to television this week with an Eid special telefilm, titled Uff Ye Biwiyan.

Uff Ye Biwiyan

Nida Yasir, Yasir Nawaz and Shaista Lodhi are returning to television this week with an Eid special telefilm, titled Uff Ye Biwiyan. The teaser was just released last night.

The trio has never been seen before and it has certainly raised the curiosity of the viewers. Judging from the teaser, Nida Yasir will play the role of Yasir Nawaz’s first wife, while Shaista Lodhi will play the second wife. It looks like we should be prepared for a kick of laughter as the husband struggles to make peace between his wives.


More details on Uff Ye Biwiyan

Other than the main trio, we also see romance brewing between the characters of Nazish Jahangir and Hammad Shoaib.

Uff Ye Biwiyan is penned by Tarap famed Misbah Ali Syed. The executive producer and director of the project is Kashif Saleem. The telefilm will be aired on ARY Digital.

Nida Yasir also seems excited about her comeback as she shared the teaser on her Instagram and wrote,

“Acting after 10 years. Don’t forget to watch this Eid.”


While Nida and Shaista hold a prominent reputation as morning show hosts, we will see them in a new light in Uff Ye Biwiyan. Although we have seen Nida Yasir in the sitcom Nadaaniyaan, as she said, she will make a comeback after 10 years. As for Shaista Lodhi, this is the first time we’ll see her in a comic role.

Nonetheless, we are excited to see the star trio all in one frame and are looking forward to what they have to offer.



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