‘Emran Hashmi Alert’: Ahad Raza Mir Under Fire For Bold, Steamy Scenes In ‘Resident Evil’

Perhaps this was a bit too much for his Pakistani fans to take in.

Ahad Raza Mir recently made his Hollywood debut in Netflix original series Resident evil and left fans thrilled with his performance. But the recent episode highly disappointed them. The public is outraged after seeing him in provocative scenes.

The Resident Evil series is based on a Japanese video game series of the same name by Capcom. The series has enjoyed great success as a videogame franchise while people had mixed feelings about the film franchise starring Milla Jovovich.

The new Resident Evil is a completely different take on the franchise. It features new characters and a new storyline. We’ll have to see how this series plays out. Ahad Raza Mir is the first Pakistani actor to be featured in a Netflix series. Pakistanis on Twitter were ecstatic to see the 28-year-old star in the new sci-fi horror series. Ahad plays ‘Arjun Batra’, an Indian refugee following the global T-virus pandemic. He is also the father of the character Bea.

Although the fans were really excited about his appearance in the most anticipated series the recent episode made them quite disappointed. In a recent episode, the Dhoop Ki Dewar star can be seen performing a bold scene that could be easily omitted if he wanted. Here are the stills of this provocative scene.

As soon as the episode on-aired, netizens start criticizing him and even his fans who were defending him. They even dragged Sajal Aly in this matter. Take a look at some of the comments by the keyboard warriors below.

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  1. Honestly it’s none of my business I can only pray that Allah swt gives him hidyaat the difference bw him and others is that others( who are non mehram )are doing it privately while he’s doing it openly not supporting him but before telling him to go kill himself u should also check upon you’re own eman

  2. Ahmad use sajjal fame other wise koi b nhi Jana tha k ahad b koi actor ha love u sajjal tusi great oooo