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Did Hande Subasi Say Yasir Hussain is ‘Insecure?’ [Updated]

We were not expecting this.

Ertugrul Ghazi


It seems that the account is purported to be a fan account and not managed by Hande Subasi herself.


Pakistani actor Yasir Hussain has been vocal about his resentment about the success of Turkish period drama Ertugrul Ghazi in Pakistan. Not a day passes by when he doesn’t make any comment on it. Apparently his comments have reached actors from the Turkish drama themselves. Hande Subasi, a Turkish actress from the aforementioned drama, has decided to reply to his comments as well.

Hande has had enough of the Jhooti actor trashing Dirilis Ertugrul, and is calling out his insecurity.

In a recent Instagram story, Yasir Hussain was trashing Turkish drama series Dirilis Ertugrul, yet again. He posted an image of two Pakistani men dressed up as Turgut and Ertugrul. In his caption, the Bandi actor complained about people always caring about international stars, not their own talent.


Yasir Hussain is Annoyed At Anoshey for Publicly Criticizing Him

The post resulted in the #YasirHussainIsRealGarbage trend, which invited more criticism, both legitimate and illegitimate, his way.

Hande Subasi has had enough

That’s when Dirilis Ertugrul starlet Hande Subasi clapped back at Yasir Hussain. She called him out over his ‘attention-seeking antics‘.

The actress added that Yasir Hussain’s insecurity does not speak for the sentiment of all Pakistanis. After all, Pakistan loves the show and its actors.

This vile & insecure man #YasirHussain does not represent proud Pakistani nation. We thank our Pakistani audience for their love and support. Sometimes people do things for attention, he is one of them & we should all ignore him.”

Hande Subasi essays the role of Aykiz in Ertugrul Ghazi. Aykiz is the daughter of Deli Demir and wife of Turgut Alp. Much like many other Kayi women in the period drama, Aykiz is a fierce warrior. She fights many battles alongside her tribe.

Aykiz was the first woman to support Halime Hatun on her arrival at the Kayi tribe.

What do you think of Hande Subasi’s comments?



Zahid Ahmed Calls the Debate Around Ertugrul ‘Pointless & Shameful’ [Video]

Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. Yasir hussain has always been irrelevant his marriage to iqra seems to have given him some kind of fame if you’d call it that since hes always looking for trouble commenting on things that an uneducated person like himself shouldn’t do I mean come on constantly talking about ertugrul criticizing the actors when we all know that Turkish actors are so much more talented than our actors no offense hes obviously a thirsty whore looking for attention like bruh where were you when indian actors were all over Pakistani television were brands ambassadors for every known brand in here so why cant actors from a Muslim country come over for work? This is the man we’re talking about who tried to justify child abuse pathetic piece of sh*t he needs to flip away from this industry he belongs in the trashcan

  2. I enjoy the series very much. However, people seem to have problems differentiating between real life and art. The relationship between Pakistan and Türkiye does not depend on drama series. It is grounded in shared values and respect.

  3. You must not critisize anyone because it never hurt others but against your dignity and values .It shows your jaelousy for others so always mind your own values☺️

  4. I love the series dirilis ertugrul and also the all the characters I think Pakistani people should support the series cz its our history

  5. Yasir k sath Hussain nikal kr jitniis per laanty bhejni hai send it … Actually Pakistani actor and actress out of limit. Like noman ijaz also one by them …. Actually shorat jb raaz na aye to aesa hota hai or Yasir busss kaam to krta nh issue mashoor hony ka shook tha chahy laanat lety hoy hi q na ho…

  6. I love the series so much ,watched it many, many,many times. Its compelling and the actors are world class. Hollywood has nothing over them.
    Its a classic that teaches good values and behaviours. It’s compelling and amazing and addictive and guess what —– there’s no skin on display or sex. Don’t listen to haters.
    Wish netflix would show Osman Ghazi. love 💘 from a Jamaican living in the US.

  7. Perfect response to an insure, uncouth juvenile who lacks depth and character. Pakistani u der stand and acknowledge what’s good. One naive person does not represent Pakistan. It may be his personal opinion but it doesn’t matter.

  8. Who is this Yasir Husain ? Never heard of him. Wonder how much he tipped media to get his negative and comments on the great serial and it’s excellent actors and actresses I think great majority of Pakistani love the series as it’s educational history how Ottoman Empire came and sacrificed were made. Well done turkey. Keep up the great work

  9. She is hundred percent right. Low grade actors like Yasir Hussain need publicity. So they would do some thing silly to remain in the media.

  10. This drama has everything our youth needs to watch including history, culture, traditions. Our dramas only promoting marriages and indirectly sex, even the great hero Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, what great topic he chose? Shame for such writers and such producers as well

  11. We all Pakistanis are proud of each and every character played in Ertugrul.
    Plz dont pay attention to some BLACK SHEEPS.

    Turkey Thank you so much for taking us to our past

    Love you Turkey brothers and sisters

  12. Handi, just laugh at that guy. You and the other Ertugrul cast have the most talent I’ve seen. It helps that all of you are good looking but mostly are so talented. I think better than the actors and actresses here in the USA

  13. Salaam Hande you girls & guys are very talented in Turkey, All the respect to you, such a beautiful period drama showcasing the history of Islam’s spread during the 13th century in Europe.
    I love it and many people around the world have become addicted to girilis ertugrul 💙💙💙
    Take no notice of the trash talking whatever his name is… people all around the globe have fallen in love with you, respect and peace to you all ❤❤❤

  14. Yasir grow up. It seems like your jealous. The drama has worldwide recognition and is loved. I know people here in England are crazy about it. I’m now watching Osman series but actually missing Ertugrul in it😔. He has such an amazing oura, which is powerful.

  15. Such a lie! She never tweeted anything like that. The following tweet is not from an official account. Stop spreading fake news!

  16. We truly looove and enjoy this series! The actors/actresses did it justice. It’s just so perfect. Thanks to Ertugrul,Turgut,Bamsi,Halime,Aykiz…all of you, salut!!

  17. Being o public figure one has to learn to deal with allsorts of criticism & IGNORE that you dont agree with,or is hurtful or insulting….it would be good to think a few seconds before responding that applies to both sides..
    Buisiness is conducted through out the world irrespective of likes or dislikes..
    One should never ever let being civil go out of hand….we are on a friendship based relationship! Others take advantage of vulnerability.

  18. Watched every episode! It was so excellent! Don’t even reply to the nay sayers and the negativity! You all have a wonderful show! Please make more!

  19. Yasir Hussain is a real garbage of drama industry. Pakistani likes Ertugrul drama and actors they all are our heroes. Pakistani and Turkish are friends and in future we hope that they makes dramas together.

  20. Perhaps we should ignore and boycotte this idiot Yasir. He reminds me of a spoilt little insignificant boy throwing his toys out the cot seeking attention. So let’s give it to him boycotte him.

    People like him hurts most when the entitled life becomes less and the best way is touching or emptying his pockets by disassociating from vile attention seekers like him

  21. Yasir Uh Know! ….Uh Are A Real Trash…I Just Want That Pakistani Showbiz Throw Uh To The Real Dustbin….. # Jealous Yasir….

  22. Mashallah yasir Saab What have you done in the field of Acting what have you got to your name . A good relented actor is the one who aprishiate another actors work . Pakistani dramas are some of them But can you name one who as popularity as Ertugrul as it touches every Muslims heart .Before Ertugrul i didn’t know anything about Turqush actors . I have in part of show business as an actor and it’s first time I ever fallow any actor on Instagram but I do fallow Ertugrul main lead stars . Best mega serial the best so far.

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