Zahid Ahmed Calls the Debate Around Ertugrul ‘Pointless & Shameful’ [Video]

Check out why.

As the fame of Ertugrul in Pakistan keeps going strong, many celebs have come out as either pro or anti-Ertugrul camp. Zahid Ahmed is the most recent Pakistani celeb to support the success of the Turkish period drama in Pakistan.

When the Urdu-dubbed version of Dirilis Ertrugrul, ‘Ertrugrul Ghazi‘ was an instant hit in Pakistan, many Pakistani celebs came out to oppose Pakistan Television’s decision to broadcast the Turkish drama.


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However, many more celebs showed good sportsmanship hoping Pakistani dramas aspire to that level. Versatile actor Zahid Ahmed also seems to fall under this category. He wants local producers to emulate the success of the globally acclaimed drama.

In a recent video live-stream, the Ishq Zahey Naseeb actor opened up about how the argument about keeping Ertugrul away from Pakistan was pointless and just shameful.

“I accept the success of Ertugrul wholeheartedly. And this argument done by some of our artists is very shameful and useless for me that we are airing foreign content it will take our work away from us.”



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The Mehram actor asserted that actors shouldn’t worry about losing work if they have faith in their craft. He also called the need for making historic Islamic dramas like Dirilis Ertugrul.

“First of all, if you are good at your job, no one can take it away from you. Secondly, we must be ashamed that we are not making such content despite being a Muslim state”

Speaking of having faith in your craft, Zahid Ahmed has come a long way since his debut drama Alvida. The drama serial saw the actor in a supporting role. He never looked back taking on thought-provoking and challenging roles in Mehram, Sangat, Besharam, Zara Yaad Kar, Tum Meray Paas Raho, Daldal, Visaal, and more.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. I don’t understand what Pakistani actors are afraid of. They have a personality of their own and a place of their own.

    • I request to drama industry to make our historical drama. Because our history also is Islamic history and it’s is really interesting mostly our people don’t know about our history

  2. It’s useless to ask national tv not to air such excellent content which not only excites but also creates awareness of Muslim history.

  3. I love most historical dramas. There’s no need to hate on each other. If the writer can bring the truth, mixed with love and some fiction to keep the viewers interested. That would be the key to success. Who ever wrote Ertugrul….. Who ever picked the actors for the roles made the best choices. The actors play the key in the success of this drama.

    • They don’t have any thing there own because if they have they weren’t able to do any thing similar they have to be proud as Pakistani national because we have everything but to face a reality of the time and the time is for this actor,,,,,

  4. AlSalamuAleykum, peace be upon us all. I am in agreement with the view that having high quality Islamic TV series and motion pictures are important not only for Muslim countries, but for all nations on the planet. The values and topics on Diriliş Ertuğrul are a proper education on Islamic spirit and culture, irrespective of your nation or ethnicity. I welcome and expect our brothers and sisters in Pakistan to excel in this area inshaAllah 🙂

  5. Ertugrul drama by far is one of the most inspiring series I ever saw. The thing is that Pakistani don’t need to make same content instead they need to make some innovative content like they always did. Believe in yourself and promote ur culture and show the world that Pakistan has one of the best religion.

    • Okay but wait “Pakistan has one of the best religion” wth lol. Pakistan has its own religion now? Its Islam, which is indeed, the best of all religions.

  6. I believe Pakistani drama content recently is mostly copy of Indian content which is promoting shameful love stories and hindu culture. Which can’t be related to a Muslim community and Islamic culture. Therefore, criticism from our artists is unjustified and they are supposed to come out of Indian influence to produce the content which Pakistani drama industry was producing in 80’s.

  7. If one have capability to compete you don’t fear
    But if you’re capability is nill and come from Nil to
    Offer want something from nothing ofcourse you will be
    Scaryed from others success

  8. In Pakistani dramas you will awalys see pappi and jhapHi so that’s why people want change something histocaly… #RIP PAKISTANI ACTORS

    • It is islamic history, very good subject. We proud on our history and watching with our kids also know how Muslims were before. There is no competition between this and Pakistani drama. All pakistani like because of story/ history …no debate and competition between acting. Just wana say we proud on our history and praying some one like ertugrul, usman and salah ud din ayubi we also get, InshAllah..

  9. To be honest this is irrelevant discourse!!!
    Ertrugul should be loved and supported by all Muslims becuse it captures the true message of Islam…Alhumdulillah Pakista i actors are very talented .. i love watching most Pakistani dramas….my only critic if i may…would be that i would like to see more dramas based on our beautful deen.

  10. In 80s and 90s Pakistan had foreign actors in their movies too.. i dont understand what’s actually killing them now? They can shake hands with india and work in bollywood movies they have no problem there lol Pakistan cinemas show bollywood movies too.. they show star plus dramas which are ruining Pakistan culture.. im sorry but Pakistan is behaving like tnose hypocrites.. may allah give them hidayat ameen 🙏.. i personally don’t see anything wrong in Turkish serials be it ertugrul gazi or any other.. ertugrul is an islastorical serial it has nothing to do with country so those apposing need to get over it and act more wise.. #SupportErtrugalGazi

  11. Estugral Ghazi and Ibn e Arabi show how a Muslim should act & beleive on Allah. Truthfully, Estugral (Engin Altan) has acted in a life time role and we should really watch it v objectively, i agree.

  12. Jab kareena aur nargis fakhri pakistani products k ads m aati theen tab tou kisi ko takleef nhe hue aur phir inn ka woh sentence k art ki koi sarhad nhe hoti etc etc…… Kia bhool gaey sab ab kuon takleef ha……. Maan lo sab k turkey drama bohat ooper level ka ha……. Don’t be jealous.

  13. I still cannot believe that I watched 450 episodes of Ertugral. I have hardly ever watched any serial this way. It is so absorbing. Engin has been just superb. It is so real. The dialogues are worth making them a part of your life . I feel pretty lost after finishing it day before yesterday

  14. I love ertugrul drama bcz this drama gave us a good lesson . Hamare pakistani drama no doubt excellent hain but hamare actors kion jealous hote hain kia inko khud per bharosa nhi hai

  15. Well jealousy will prevail .can’t be happy for the Turkish Muslim yet the Turks have up most respect for Pakistanis . embarrassing … Rizq is from The Almighty .nobody and nothing can change or threaten that … Cheap people

  16. Instead of anti Ertgul, pk actors should use this drama as a guide to what pple want to see and how they can produce better stories. Instead of hate, learn from it. Theres no doubt that the turkey actors have done a phenomenal job. So instead of hating them, pakistani actors should learn from their acting. I have not seen that kind of calibre of acting in pakistani actors. And if theres a an anti Ertgul actor group, quiet frankly that group needs to understand the essence of their religion that Ertgul drama conveys. Have u ever questioned why Ertgul became such a massive hit. Actingand story is obviously great but without Allah’s will nothing can happen. The power of Allah supercedes anything despite the hate these pk actors carry who think its because of their acting they r getting work. Lol.

    Ertgul drama is a wakeup call for all muslims to unite in the name of God not in the name of what heritage, or country they belong to.

    Pk actors, GROW up please and accept those that are better than u in looks, and acting

  17. We must aspire to inspire. This is the only way we can continue to form a bond of strength and unity between 🇹🇷 and 🇵🇰

  18. Ertugrul drama is a litmus test for Pakistani Nation. To my understanding about 90 percent Pakistanis do love Islam and eager to win Muslims rights and ready to fight for Justice. It is not the actor but the beauty of history. Any producer thought to make a drama on Ahmad Shah Abdali, Ghaznavi, Ghauri, Sher Shah Suri, Tepo Sultan, Turangzai Haji Saib, and many more,

  19. Well, all I can say, looser always makes an excuse while winner makes commitment. Those who are opposing and criticizing Ertugrul, for fact, showing their insecurities. Wake the hell up and make something that awaam start to watch like they are watching Ertugrul.

  20. If TV will not going to air this . what’s the matter?? I have seen all the season from internet .
    If any one interested I will send him the link of all 5 season

  21. Salaams, was anyone ever against indian dramas and Indian movies playing in our Pakistani homes, when the whole family will sit together in living rooms and watch the dirty, vulgar indian movies and hindu culture, hindu religious ceremonies on their screens ? Then why against this serial?

  22. I don’t understand why Pakistani artists jealous or critics of Ertugrul Ghazi drama. First of all Pakistani artists are not graduated from any arts academy, most of them came on the screen through back door or their family members were in industry. I don’t recognize them, they are not educated, they cannot stand in front of international media except few of them…..shame on these artists.

  23. There was a time when Ishq-e-Mamnoo was aired and all the Pakistani actors were protesting. Today, again we are seeing the same situation. Pakistani content is something that we cannot sit and see with our children. What culture are we portraying in Pakistani drama’s ?
    The things portrayed in our drama’s are of the elites. Our mass is not from the elite class. So, everyone stop talking about OUR CULTURE. Things shown in our drama is Not Our Culture.
    Then, stop casting favorite actors. There’s a thing called Characterizing. Oh, how would one know when the person to select the actor for the role is bias (scumbag), how he/she know the importance of the role. If X and Y don’t like Z (who is perfect for the role) then they will never cast Z for the role, and choose some other scumbag (lifter) for the role (if you understand what I mean). Many things need to stop in Pakistani film/drama industry.
    Talent is everywhere, but we as Pakistani’s don’t want anyone to succeed. We as a nation are ACTUALLY Jealous of each and everyone’s success. We need to change ourselves.
    May Allah guide us. Ameen.

  24. V good, …an actir with grace and talent would never bargain on others talents….but those who are shallow and lower class actors without talent and grace will definitely stooop to point out the real talent…like man stand nowhere yassir hussain, zalay sarhadi , shan shahid and manny others…….

  25. This launch of this Turkish drama is yet another attempt to destroy one of the PAKISTANI industry.
    Nothing to do with Pakistani culture or anywhere’s current culture.

  26. I have watched the Ertugrul Ghazi drama twice (with English subtitles), and have learn so much about the Islamic religion, history, and traditions. Excellent work for everyone to see. I have continued on to watch the Osman series.

  27. Ertugrul ghazi mari life ka zabrdst drama hai.jis sy humein bht kuch sekhny ko mila.aisay historycal darmas lagny chaye. Pakistani ho ya Turkish.jelous hony ki zrurt nhi.jis sy sekhein… Kuch sekhein na sekhein. Sharm-o-hayya zrur sekhein

  28. My wife and I saw Dirilis Ertugrul all 5 seasons when it was aired without missing a single episode.
    We are Indians, Orthodox Christians, and we loved the series.
    The historical values, and the concept of Islam was truly astounding.
    Since we were so impressed, we subsequently watched 27 episodes of Kurulus Osman also till yesterday.
    It was just not entertainment alone, it’s inspiring the way these series have been produced.
    Wherever good work is done appreciation irrespective of country, religion, language or cultural is needed. We found it absolutely wonderful.

  29. This is very shameful for us that the actors of Pakistan work in the films of other countries and having bad dressing like saba qamar , mawra hussain , etc
    Nd they r criticizing Ertugrl which is pointless thing
    #shame on pkstni actors opposing Ertugrl

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