Eva B Praised for Wearing Traditional Baloch Dress for a Show [Images]

The veiled rapper honored the ‘B’ in her name with her pashk.

Coke Studio 14’s star, Eva B, just won Pakistanis over again by honoring her Balochi culture by performing at a show in a pashk (traditional dress).

She looked super cool in the blue outfit that was beautifully hand-embroidered in orange and red.


She captioned her Instagram post, “Thanks for having us cokestudio youtube,” which indicates that it was probably another Coke Studio event.

Netizens lauded her for owning her culture on a big platform in front of thousands of people.

Baluchi women wear a distinctive long, loose, and embroidered frock and trousers called pashk, and cover their hair with a scarf called sarig. Pashks are heavily embroidered with colorful threads, beads, small mirrors, and embellishments.

Eva B is a Baloch hip-hop rapper and singer. She started her musical journey in 2014 after being inspired by Eminem, and eventually found international fame with her hit song, Kana Yaari, on Coke Studio 14.

Her song Rozi was also featured in the closing credits ofthe first episode of Ms. Marvel, Generation Why.

According to Eva B, her name ‘Eva’ is a tribute to the first woman on Earth, Eve. Like the latter, she is among the first women rappers in Pakistan. She explained in an interview in 2021 that the letter ‘B’ stands for her Baloch identity.

A few months ago, Pakistan’s first Baloch female veiled rapper, made our hearts swell with pride when she was honored by Spotify on a gigantic display in Times Square, New York City.

The rapper recently united with Asim Azhar and Meesha Shafi for a groovy upbeat song, Khel Dil Mein Hai, for the T20 World Cup.