Even Indians Love Ehd-e-Wafa! [Video]

Who would have thought?!


Opening the Kartarpur Corridor has connected Pakistanis and Indians more than ever, and in a good way. And thanks to this, now we know they love Ehd-e-Wafa as much as we do.

Some Indian Sikh pilgrims at Kartarpur spilled the beans on their favorite Pakistani drama serials. They’re hooked on Ehd-e-Wafa.

How much do they love it? This one pilgrim made no secret of the fact that he downloaded all the episodes on his phone.

“I was pleasantly shocked when they said Ehd-e-Wafa is their favorite. Sardar G even had all its episodes downloaded in his phone.”


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Turns out Sardar G isn’t alone in his love for Pakistani drama serials. Plenty of Netizens pitched in about their preferences in Pakistani drama.



People talked about the similarities in culture and values. Though they might be watching the military drama, they still enjoy other works.

There were some back and forth exchanges on what good content to watch. Turns out classics like Zindagi Gulzar Hai and Humsafar are going strong.




Bollywood Actress Thanks Imran Khan and Pakistan for Kartarpur Corridor

Who knew Tehseen Bajwa‘s travel vlog would bring this many people together? It has also got people talking about things we have in common on both sides of the border.


The vlog documented Bajwa’s trip from Kartarpur from Lahore. He tried to make a fun guide to visit Kartarpur Darbar in Pakistan.

Besides that, he also highlighted the religious aspect of the journey for Sikh pilgrims.

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