Ever So Graceul Nadia Jamil and Her Sister’s Cute Dance Goes Viral [Video]

The ‘Balu Mahi’ star proves that age is just a number

The forever young actress, Nadia Jamil and her elder sister, Aminah Jahan Jamil, are melting fans’ hearts with a cute song and dance routine to an old classic.

The Balu Mahi star’s graceful dance has gone viral on social media, proving that age is just a number.

Nadia Jamil shared a dance clip of her and her elder sister, Aminah, at home earlier this week. She wrote in the caption:

Since we were nine years old, our family has asked Aminah and me to perform to this song at every gathering 😂 This is us doing it after a few decades so a little rusty. But still sooooo much fun. Love my cousins. Love my Meeno. Love my crazy beautiful Lahori family ❤️💃🏻🎉

Nadia Jamil is not just one of the finest actresses in the country, but also one of the most beloved figures in showbiz. Over the years, the actress has captivated audiences with brilliant onscreen performances in hit drama serials like Meri Jaan, Raat Chali Hai Jhoom Ke, Balu Mahi, and Behadd.

nadia jamil
Nadia Jamil

The veteran star had to put her career on hold as she was battling breast cancer in 2020. Nadia never lost her charming personality and attitude as she made her TV comeback in the drama serial Jo Bichar GayeEven now, the 47-year-old is still as graceful as ever, proving that age is just a number.

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