Ex-Boyfriend Leaks Pictures of TikTok Star Minahil Malik [Video]

About time we start holding people accountable for these vile acts.

Pakistani TikTok Star

The world of TikTok has truly opened up the door of creativity and fun for teens all around the world. However, it has also exposed them to situations they wouldn’t know how to deal with at this age. Recently, Pakistani TikTok star, Minahil Malik, is facing something extremely vile.

Minahil Malik’s private pictures and videos were leaked online. They are now making rounds on social media. As a result, the TikTok star has fallen victim to trolls and bullies.



Sources have revealed she captured the pictures for her former boyfriend, who later threatened her. He reportedly demanded money in exchange for her compromising pictures.

However, it is not clear exactly who leaked the photos, but it was done. Yet again, someone’s private life has become everyone’s business, thanks to social media.

Minahil Malik Responds

After the pictures were leaked, Minahil did not hesitate to respond. In a video that was posted on social media, Minahil Malik can be heard apologizing to her fans.

In addition, she also addressed her trolls – saying she is already on antidepressants for the pain this whole incident has caused her.



The 25-year-old further threatened to overdose on pills in the future if the bullying did not stop.

Let’s take a look at the video:




After the deaths of famous celebrities at the hands of depression, it is about time that people change circumstances for the better. We all ought to say no to cyberbullying and take a stand for what is not right.

Some of you might blame the TikTok star for having taken pictures like that in the first place. But as they say, it takes two to tango. Whoever leaked those pictures is no saint either.

This trend of bullying has to stop. We need to be more accepting of people even after they make mistakes.



Everyone leaking and further sharing such images and videos should be held accountable for their actions.

Pakistani TikTok star, Minahil Malik, should not have to threaten to overdose for this heinous act to stop. What does that say about society in general?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.


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  1. I suggest strongly and appeal from Government of Pakistan please banned this application in Pakistan. If you want to save your generation future….

  2. Leaking someone’s photos is cybercrime and the criminal must be punished. She should report the culprit to the cybercrime wing of FIA.

        • Nihayat hi unrealistic baat kr rhy hain aap. Ghalti us bechari ki hai k us ny aesi harkat ki. And phr us ghatiya admi ki jis ny un pics ka ghalat istemal kia. Tiktok ny un dono se kuch nhi krwaya.

          • Context: TikTok is a platform that provided opportunity to teenage and above to express themselves and become famous.

            Issue: Are activities on TikTok aligned to our social, cultural and religion; the answer is NO, with few exceptions because some individuals are using TikTok responsibly to spread positive message.

            Problem: If you give a knife in the hands of minor the possibility is very likely high that the minor will hurt himself/herself. Same happened here, TikTok is full of preys too who are on the hunt of girls specifically (and generally anyone) so that later they can become friend, use them and later blackmail for vested interest which could be fame, money or illegal acts. The bottom line is that, consider down the line from today (after 10 years) when these stars become parents and their child get embarrassed by these acts that are neither aligned with our customs, tradition, nor religion.

            Solution: all social media apps, irregardless of brand, are actually designed for the purpose to connect with acquaintances and stranger alike with a click of button and usage of social media globally as well as in our country is mostly for negative or vested purposes. Suppose she commits suicide, or harm herself, despite all of the circumstances that she did then below will be the responsible:

            1) The person uploaded her pictures / videos because he breached trust
            2) Viewer who silently liked without comments, shared and spread to all different social media
            3) Viewers that commented in any way and trolled her for the acts

            a) All social media apps need apps need to ban without further notice.
            b) Only social media apps for job hunting, professional interactions and technical skill purposes should be allowed in our country
            c) Social Media apps that allows textual interaction shall be allowed
            d) Government shall formally do a thorough assessment and repercussion/impacts of such apps on our society because once society is destroyed then it will take decades, if not century, to rebuild again on the golden principles and moral, because luckily we are inherited with at least some good moral families/individuals even today sticked to core princicples and etiquette
            e) People who are allowed to use social media much be of certain age or above for responsible usage and knows netiquettes

            We can at least start thinking, what we are doing? how it will impact the generations to come? how it will be interpreted/perceived at that time.

            If we start thinking i’m hopeful that most of us will realize that these social media app are designed from the perspective to generate revenues for themselves regardless no matter how responsibly / irresponsibly they are used

  3. Tick tock should be banned and where are the law enforcement agencies, why the culprit has not been taken in to captivity??

  4. Question is that why these girls are doing this if u do something wrong u will be prepared to bear its consequences.

  5. There are other creative outlets vs TikTok which is mere drama and making a fool out of your self by being in a bubble of like counts. As there will always be someone else to replace. This app should be banned as we in Pakistan need to evolve in other creative activities such as arts design music travel cooking social development etc…

  6. Har chez ban krny se kya ho ga??
    Actress ki b videos r pix leak ho rai ha to tv indusrty film industry ko ban kr dena Chaiye fr to…
    Fia r cybercrime r laws sub strictly action ly heavy punishment dy takay agay se yeh kaam koi na kry

  7. Stupid idiot guys try to use pictures against girls but hold your head up girl. This is a brief trouble, you will become wiser for it and move on. The guy is a creep. Unfortunately there are many of them in life. Live and learn and don’t let it get you down.

  8. Unfortunately, as much as I hate to say it, this seemed like a cheap publicity stunt on behalf of the so called star. Seriously, who records a video of swallowing pills and why? The craze of more followers and more likes is making this generation cross most limits.

  9. This worthless app has nothing of positive value. More harm than good can be expected from it. Should be banned.

  10. i request to govt of Pakistan please banne this tik tok app this app is very ridiculous if we want to save our generation then please banned this app.

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