Fact Check: Did Aurat March ‘Azadi’ Slogans Use Blasphemous Words?

People opined that since the agenda of the March is objectionable, it’s likely people are not mistaken and the slogans heard in the video are indeed blasphemous.

Aurat March

Aurat Azadi March continues to brew controversy after a video showing questionable chants and slogans surfaced online.

A video snippet from the Aurat March held at Karachi’s iconic Frere Hall shows the crowd chanting ‘Azadi’ slogans. With the video being noisy, it is unclear what exactly the women are chanting, however, the Urdu subtitles have stirred quite a controversy on social media.


These captions have sparked much backlash against Aurat March and it’s organizers.





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The movement’s management even posted the lines in these Aurat March slogans, in order to dispel the misunderstanding and blasphemy allegations.


However, the heat does not seem to be subsiding.


People opined that since the agenda of the March is objectionable, it’s likely people are not mistaken and the Aurat March slogans heard in the video are indeed blasphemous.




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The Urdu subtitles on the video have caused quite a stir with the State Youth Parliament using this as a catalyst to initiate a legal crackdown on Aurat March and its organizers.


They have even organized a protest against the women rights movement tomorrow on Friday 12th, March at 2:00 pm.

Some called for a less extreme approach when it comes to opposing the Aurat Azadi March.





All backlash aside, there are people that still standing up for the march and what it stands for. There was a lot of backlash towards the Twitter user that is suspected to have posted the captions. There are even allegations of the footage being tampered with in order to spark blasphemy allegations.




Activists like Ammar Ali Jan and Jibran Nasir pointed out how sharing a wrongly-subtitled video makes for a strong blasphemy allegation. They demanded the user take the video down and issue a clarification.


Jibran Nasir lamented how media, the fourth pillar of democracy, played a part in endangering the lives of Aurat March organizers. Ammar Ali Jan even suggested action against those who created and circulated the doctored footage with blasphemous slogans.

Some media personnel even tried to make amends.


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