Fahad Mustafa & Harsha Bhogle Say PCB Sat on Fawad Alam’s Potential Till It Was Too Late

Harsha Bhogle also called him an ‘old Hindi movie hero’

Fawad Alam has made a hero’s comeback with his performance in Pakistan vs South Africa series, happening in Karachi. This led Fahad Mustafa to comment on how Pakistan Cricket Board ignored and wasted his potential for over a decade.

The Jalan producer highlighted how broken the system really is.

“If you want to witness what a failure of our system really is, watch Fawad Alam playing like a champ that he really is. We have wasted 10 years of this incredibly talented athlete,” wrote Fahad on social media.


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Not only has the cricketer been slamming sixes but he also scored a century on day two of the first Pakistan vs. South Africa test series. Indian commentator Harsha Bhogle went as far as calling Fawad Alam ‘an old Hindi movie hero’. Whether he means cool, collected, and rocking facial hair; or scoring a mind-blowing wins it’s a compliment either way.

Even the Harsha Bhogle commented how;

“Fawad  Alam came back to get his reward at the end ‘when it is almost too late’,”



Why Was Fawad Alam MIA?

Fawad Alam’s performance has been phenomenal as Pakistan’s test series against South Africa kicked off. The cricket even scored his third century in the match.

He scored his first century back in 2009 when he hit 168 on his Test debut against Sri Lanka while opening the innings.

Despite showing such promise since the beginning, the famed cricketer has only played six Tests and made a thunderous comeback in 2020. He scored his second century during Pakistan vs New Zealand Test series. Even then he only got a chance to play when Babar Azam was benched over his thumb injury.


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