Faisal Sabzwari Reveals How He Convinced Madiha Naqvi’s Parents [Video]

What’s their story?

Madiha Naqvi and Faisal Sabzwari gave us a little surprise last year when their wedding pictures made their way on the internet.

Not only we were surprised to see them getting married, but they actually kept themselves away from the spotlight. Of course, that didn’t keep curious minds away. People wanted to know how did they actually get married.

Madiha Naqvi is a journalist and she has been hosting Bakhabar Savera for quite a while now. She is a successful anchorperson and is loved by many.

On the other hand, Faisal Sabzwari is a leader of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement. He is considered as one of the most influential politicians right now.

So how did the two get married? Madiha Naqvi and Faisal Sabzwari revealed their story on Reema Khan’s Baaran-e-Rehmat.


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The couple shares their story

Since he is a politician and gets invited to talk shows often, Faisal knows how to convince people. And that’s exactly what he did when it came to his nuptials. He flew to Lahore to ask Madiha’s hand in marriage all by himself.

Although he was a bit nervous and anxious at that time, he tried his best to present his case to Madiha’s side of the family. Faisal says that he didn’t lie about himself and said what he had wanted to say to them.

But wait, things did not go smoothly. When he came back to Karachi, Faisal realized that there had been a miscommunication. Madiha’s family misunderstood his words and thought that he wants to get married next year. This created a lot of chaos as you can imagine. However, he clarified things himself later and the two got married in 2019 after Eid.

Madiha also said that her mother is very strict. She knew that her father would agree to this marriage but her mother was a different story altogether. But surprisingly, she liked Faisal and agreed to the match.

You can watch the whole story here:



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