Fans Are Done With Mahira Khan Talking About SRK [Video]

In an interview, Pakistani actress Mahira Khan spoke about her experience of working with Shahrukh Khan and social media is not having it anymore.

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan is one of the highest-paid actresses in Pakistan. The 36-year-old is a popular figure, not just in Pakistan but all around the world. So, fans were not shocked when Mahira was cast for the Bollywood movie Raees. However, it has been 3 years since the actress starred alongside SRK and netizens don’t want anything to do with it.

Now a household name, Mahira Khan started off as a VJ and made her acting debut back in 2011. Since then, she has worked on a few hit movies. One of these hit movies was Raees in which she appeared as Aasiya. In addition to this, she worked alongside SRK.

Working with Shahrukh Khan was a dream come true for both Mahira and her fans. And for quite a while all we heard about was her Bollywood debut. Fans and followers were happy for Mahira’s stardom in India. However, more than 3 years after it, fans would rather hear about something else.

Recently, an Instagram page shared a clip from one of Mahira’s interviews. In the clip, she was talking about how stars truck she was the whole time working with SRK. Let’s take a look:



The same fans that couldn’t get enough of Mahira and Shahrukh Khan are now sick of it. Here’s what some of the netizens have to say:


Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan

Mahira Khan


What do you think of these comments on the Superstar actress’s video? Do you think Mahira Khan should stop talking about SRK? Share your views in the comments section.


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