Fans Discuss Halal and Haram Over Nadia Afgan’s Viral Tattoo Picture

The veteran actress has fans left curious with the meaning of her new tattoo.

Veteran actress Nadia Afgan made headlines after getting a tattoo of a Japanese saying on her arm. A picture of her getting inked went viral on social media, causing a buzz among her fans and critics alike.

The tattoo, prominently displayed on her forearm, features the Japanese characters “生きがい,” which roughly translates to “Worth of living” or “Reason for being” in English. While some praised Nadia for embracing Japanese culture and finding her personal ikigai (a sense of purpose or reason for being), others were quick to criticize her decision.

Netizens were critical of the actress, expressing their disapproval of the actress for going against the Islamic norm. The debate surrounding tattoos and religious beliefs ignited a heated discussion among social media users.

Despite the criticism, Nadia has yet to address the controversy directly. The actress has always been known for her bold and fearless choices, both on and off the screen. This tattoo seems to be another example of her individuality and desire to explore different cultures.

As the news of Nadia Afgan’s new tattoo continues to spread, it remains to be seen how the actress will respond to the ongoing debate. Whether she embraces the support of her fans or addresses the concerns raised by critics, one thing is for sure: Nadia Afgan has once again become the talk of the town, thanks to her latest body art.

Nadia Afgan is a very popular figure in the Pakistani showbiz industry. The veteran actress has worked both onscreen and in theatre as well. Nadia managed to steal the spotlight early on in her career when she starred in the hit drama serial Family Front.

Other notable performances by Nadia Afgan include shows like Bilqees Kaur, Behadd, Baaghi, Sammi, and plenty of others. The star got most applauded for her role in the hit drama serial Suno Chanda and Suno Chanda 2.

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