Farhan Saeed Tries to Retain ‘Tich Button’ Fans Amid Feroze Khan’s Wife Beating Controversy

“you don’t just cancel the hard work of so many ppl”.

Singer-turned-actor Farhan Saeed is urging the masses not to boycott his latest movie, Tich Button, because it stars alleged wife-beater, Feroze Khan.

A tweep by the name of ‘Dr Ayesha’ requested all people not to watch Urwa Hocane’s debut production, Tich Button, and her husband came out in full support of the movie.

He retorted,

Well Ayesha I respect your opinion but before you just put a cross on the hard work of almost 300 ppl for almost 3 years, you should know this movie was shot in 2019, and you don’t just cancel the hard work of so many ppl.

Dr. Ayesha replied that she agrees with his statement and respects the Tich Button team except for Feroze Khan.

The whole boycott thing started after the Udaari star warned people not to release pirated versions of the film and added that strict action would be taken against offenders.

Feroze Khan has been accused of abusing his former wife, Syeda Aliza Sultan (who is also the mother of his two children), which led to their divorce this year. His other co-star, Sonya Hussyn, had previously also criticized the prospect of working with actors accused of domestic violence.

She appeared on The Talk Talk Show and spoke against domestic violence, opining that she would never support such an “inhumane” action but still does not believe in labeling victims or culprits in a contentious matter.

The highly anticipated Lollywood film was released after many delays in Pakistani cinemas but has frequently faced controversy since the start of the film’s production. First, Sonya Hussyn had filed a lawsuit against the producer for nonpayment, and then domestic violence allegations against Feroze Khan made headlines.

Interestingly, even after all these controversies, the film made business of five crores in its opening week.


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