Here’s the Groundbreaking Pakistani Advertisement on Family Planning Pakistan Needs

Pakistan’s growing population concerns needed to be addressed.

Despite government measures to control the birth rate in Pakistan and spreading awareness about family planning through advertisements, the Pakistani population growth rate is still high.

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) banned advertisements of contraceptives because of the complaints and pressure of a religious section of society. They label such advertisements as indecent, immoral, and anti-religion.

Finally, now things are changing and private channels have shown openness to progress because acceptance of such things has increased in society. Khair Khuwa, a communication platform took a brave step to tackle this issue and released an advertisement to spread awareness about family planning in this new ad.

Take a look at the advertisement below,

Family planning allows individuals to decide if and when to have children. It includes information and services related to contraceptives such as pills, implants, intrauterine devices, surgical procedures, and condoms as well as abstinence.

It also provides information on how to become pregnant for individuals who are ready to have children.

An important barrier to adopting family planning methods is men’s and women’s lack of awareness of the health risks engendered by the rapid succession of pregnancies. So it is a dire need to spread awareness among people to save lives and for the better future of their children and themselves.

The world is changing and facing bad inflation and natural disasters. We need to work really hard to provide better education and life to our children which are really difficult in these times so now we need to plan accordingly and help propagate family planning as a safeguard against this bleak future.


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