Stop Pirating ‘Tich Button’ or Farhan Saeed Will Come After You!

The actor threatened legal action against anyone pirating his new film.

Tich Button star Farhan Saeed urged fans to stop pirating his new movie on the internet on Monday. The actor threatened to take legal action against anyone who tries to pirate or share illegally download links of the film on social media.

Farhan tweeted,

To all the people who are pirating and sharing the link of Tich Button, you are not ready to face the punishment of this criminal offence, so kindly stop before we take action against you and come after you.

The actor concluded his tweet by requesting his fans to “remove all of pirated links and don’t share further”.


The recently released rom-com flick is also Farhan Saeed’s big screen debut. The film is enjoying great success at the box office since its release on 25 November. Saeed spoke about his big-screen debut in a recent interview. He said,

We decided unanimously to choose this script for the film. It is important for you as an actor and producer, to believe in the film and Tich Button proved to be just that. It will connect to Pakistani families.

farhan saeed
Farhan Saeed

The Tich Button star also requested “everyone to watch this film with their families”.

Tich Button is a fun-filled film all about love and friendship, and its four lead actors – Feroze Khan, Farhan Saeed, Iman Ali, Sonya Hussyn, and the controversial actor Feroze Khan. The film is also Urwa Hocane’s debut as producer.

Urwa Hocane - Tich Button


Alongside the main cast, the rom-com flick featured an ensemble supporting cast comprising of veterans Sohail Ahmed, Qavi Khan, Gul-e-Rana, Samiya Mumtaz, and Noor-ul-Hassan in pivotal roles.


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