Farwa Ali Kazmi Infected with Coronavirus After Fashion Show

The model receives backlash for ignoring the initial symptoms.


Pakistani model Farwa Ali Kazmi took to her social media account on Instagram to reveal that she has tested positive for coronavirus.

The model also revealed that she was unaware and ignored the symptoms initially as she attended a fashion show over the weekend.

Farwa advised everyone who came in contact with her to quarantine themselves.

It is official, 2020 has become the year of ‘Do I have the coronavirus or am I just suffering from seasonal flu?’ People have been paranoid for most of the year of testing positive for the deadly COVID-19.

After months of lockdown, it seemed like the situation was finally under control as the government started allowing people to get on with their lives.


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However, despite precautions, or lack thereof, a second wave of COVID-19 seems inevitable as new cases emerge everywhere. The latest case in Pakistan is model Farwa Ali Kazmi.

Recently, Farwa announced that she had tested positive and urged everyone, who has come in contact with her, to isolate themselves.

“I am COVID-19 positive. Everyone who has been in touch with me or Ali in the past week please quarantine yourself,” she wrote.

She also added that she dismissed the initial symptoms as seasonal flu, which she now regrets.

“All those with cough, body-aches and headaches but no fever; please get yourself tested. I had delayed it thinking its seasonal cold, but it’s not.”

She proceeded to list down her symptoms that include migraine, severe body-aches, slight nausea, and loss of taste, smell, and appetite.

Farwa was last seen attending Hussain Rehar’s solo show, and people are angry at her for exposing the virus to such a crowded event.

The model has received backlash for her careless behavior.

Stay posted for more updates.


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Written by Sher Alam


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