Faryal Mehmood Gets Moral Policed for Her ‘Tattoo Addiction’

Faryal Mehmood

Faryal Mehmood shared a video of herself getting tattooed. While the actress looks ecstatic as she calls herself a ‘tattoo addict’, netizens remind her that getting inked is not allowed in Islam.

The actress has several tattoos on her body. In a recent episode of Time Out With Ahsan Khan, she showed them off and Ahsan Khan also dubbed her as “Tattoo Girl” on the show.

Faryal Mehmood
Faryal Mehmood flaunting her tattoos.


She is now getting two new ones. Taking to her Instagram Stories, the Log Kya Kahenge? star shared a video of getting herself inked at her favorite studio and said that she is super excited to show everyone the final results. The tattoo artist can be seen working on her calf as she lied calmly.


But her ‘tattoo addiction’ has landed her in hot waters. Netizens moral policed her and reminded her that tattoos are haraam in Islam.

Faryal Mehmood Faryal Mehmood



Earlier, the actress got criticized for body-shaming Hareem Farooq. She justified her actions by saying that since she has been fat, she can body-shame others.


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