Fashion Fail: These are the Saddest, Cringiest and Worst Outfits from the Lux Style Awards 2022

These celebrities are certified fashion flops 😬

Thursday night marked the highly anticipated and most prestigious event in the Pakistani showbiz industry — the 21st Lux Style Awards (LSA) — in Lahore with almost the entire fraternity in attendance, and what a star-studded night it was!

lux style awards

While we saw many celebrities put their best foot forward in stylish outfits, there were some definite fashion fails that caught our attention.

Here are some of the worst-dressed celebrities from this year’s LSA:

Dur-e-Fishan was ‘Aunty No. 1’

The actress wore a shimmery ivory outfit by ÉLAN that but her plain outfit and boring hair did her no favors.

lux style awards

 Desi Disney Villainess Tabesh Khoja?

Makeup artist Tabesh probably took styling cues from Ursula and Cruella to come up with this eyesore of an ensemble.

lux style

Memoirs of a Geisha Starring Sachal Afzal

Pakistan’s top male model, Sachal Afzal, ‘graced’ the red carpet as an army captain crossed with a Chinese masseuse, reminiscent of Mera kurta hai Japani, ye patloon Englistaaani.

lux style

Is Taha G DJ Khalid’s Long Lost Cousin?

While stylist Alishay Adnan had to slay X-Men mutant Mystique for her suit, music artiste Taha G looked like her overgrown child.

Alishay Adnan and Taha G

Asim Azhar or Sasta Steve Harvey?

Showbiz couple Asim Azhar and Merub Ali attended the LSA 2022 in interesting outfits. However, the Habibi singer didn’t wear a suit; the suit wore him.

Someone Forgot to Tell Aleeza Naseer to Breath

The emerging starlet took style inspiration from Kim Kardashian in the mid-2010s but looked like she had to resort to wearing a sauna belt to complete her outdated look.

Fahad Hussayn Did Not Get into Hogwarts

Renowned fashion designer watched one too many Harry Potter movies before the event and then decided to use his blanket as a cloak.

Freiha Altaf and Ali Xeeshan Had an Agenda for the Planet

Fashion designers Ali Xeeshan and Frieha Altaf decided to go as ‘Evil Fairy God Mother and Her Assistant’ to restore the order of things.

Yasser Dar Couldn’t Leave His Razaii Home

What do you do when the LSA is on a cold night and you don’t want to leave your bed? Yasser Dar has the perfect solution.

On second thought, he probably took mixed A$AP Rocky’s 2021 Met Gala quilt with Rihanna’s trashbag outfit for his own razaii suit.

Sunil Nawab and Nimra Jacob Had a Wardrobe Mixe Up

Award-winning makeup artist, Sunil Nawab, channeled his inner Raja jee, wheel chukso and went full Pindi Boy mode for the night. Meanwhile, Nimra Jacob definitely wears the pants in this relationship.

Hussain Rehar or Kermit the Frog?

The fashion designer probably thrifted this patchwork bright green velveteen suit for the award show and Kermit is probably mad at him for it.


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