Heart-wrenching Story of the Viral Orphaned Brothers Has the Internet in Tears [Videos]

A Twitter user shared the story of four orphan brothers living in pitiable condition, seeking help from the authorities.

Earlier this week, a Twitter user shared the story of four orphan brothers who had the Internet in tears. As people and authorities some to their aid, the question remains, what will happen to the viral brothers? Will they be left to fend for themselves?

Days ago, a Twitter user shared the story of four brothers Faizan, Usman, Noman, and Rashid living in miserable conditions in a small room. The boys lost both their parents and share a single room living space.

“Today I witnessed how bitter life can be after I visited these four brothers whose parents have passed away. They live in one room and the oldest brother is only 14 years old. There is nobody to provide them with wages even. They cook food themselves and also clean the house themselves. They continue to face all the challenges,”


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The four brothers are said to be from Sheikhupura. With the eldest child being just 14-years-old, they cannot even find work legally.


The sad face Usman, a ninth-grade student sharing details of his cruel reality moved many. As their videos went viral online, many offered to help in any way they can.



People even called on authorities to intervene.



One man stepped up to help by taking the brothers out to have fun. However, the children’s paternal uncle (chacha) who failed to look after the children earlier, reprimanded them for accepting help from ‘strangers’.

“Yesterday, a kind hearted man took these kids to a park, and the kids said that they have never had so much fun and happiness in their lives before. These kids have little joys in their lives. But they are now overwhelmed with fear by suddenly seeing DSNG vans, media, and crowd. And now their chacha (paternal uncle) uncles says that they are bringing shame by taking help from people.”


Soon enough authorities intervened, and there is hope that these children will finally escape the poverty threatening their future. Managing Director of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal, Aon Abbas visited the children and a case of financial assistance has been prepared. However, MD Bait-ul-Mal tweeted that their uncle has refused the offer.

“Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal’s team arrived at the children’s home. A case of financial assistance had been prepared. An offer for children’s education was also made but their uncle has refused the offer.”




That’s when the man that originally tweeted the story of the now-viral brothers, warned Aon Abbas against leaving the children in their uncle’s custody.

“Sir, please don’t leave these kids to their uncle. He abuses these kids and can never think of their welfare…”


Other Twitter users also voiced concerns about the uncle taking advantage of the children.



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The best-case scenario for the children right now is finding a loving home that will take them in. The orphaned children should not become just another viral story, the sadness and suffering of whom will be forgotten with time.

One Netizen is offering to take the children under their wing.


Written by Ummara Sheraz

Entertainment & culture writer at ProPakistani/Lens. Occasionally dabbles in other news.


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  1. The govt. should ensure these children get admitted in school, get health insurance and provide them with basic food, clothing and shelter requirements. Giving a one-off cash package will not do them good in the long run.

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