Mohsin Haider Abbas Gets Flak Over Poor Reaction to Fatima’s Divorce Plea

Deleting the post didn’t help


Mohsin Haider Abbas’ wife had earlier filed a Khula application before the family court of Lahore. In her application, Fatima Sohail stated that it is now difficult for her to live with Mohsin Abbas with his continuous physical abuse and extra-marital affairs.

Mohsin Abbas responded to the Khula application in a now-deleted Instagram post. The actor accused his wife of having an extra-marital affair and called her a liar. The Na Maloom Afraad actor also accused his wife of taking drugs.

Mohsin Abbas went on to add that marrying Fatima Sohail was the worst decision of his life.

Here’s what he said;


Fatema Sohail Finally Files For Divorce From Mohsin Haider Abbas

After realizing his mistake of going too far with his lies, Mohsin Abbas deleted his post. Since people had already read his disgusting comments regarding his wife, he was duly slammed for his comments on social media.

Here’s how he was slammed;


Is Mohsin Abbas Haider Getting Married Again?

Fatima Sohail had earlier accused Mohsin Abbas of physical torture and having an extra-marital affair with a newly emerging model Nazish Jehangir. Just a few days ago, Nazish Jehangirʼs “InshaAllah” on a fan page post which predicted their alleged marriage just added fuel to the fire.

Later Mohsin Abbas like on her comment opened a new pandora box. Police in their investigation found the actor guilty of threatening his wife. Although, he was cleared of other allegations.


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  1. lanat ha Mohsin pay , our society is full of such bastards. And the sad part is they so easily get away with what ever they do.

  2. Very sad… You are not supposed to say such bad words for the person which is ur wife and mother of your children just to prove yourself right… Whatever a person do Allah is watching n everything is noted down. For this temporary life and fame you are spoiling your akhirat…

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